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Why Offsite Backup isn’t a Maybe – it’s a Must

IT and business leaders understand that backing up data is essential, but they often overlook the need to include offsite backup in their recovery plans. Offsite backup isn’t just a nice-to-have. It’s vital for delivering the recoverability and redundancy that every organization needs …

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Leverage the Cloud and Simplify Backup

Most organizations are now generating important business data from a wide range of systems, various applications (locally hosted as well as SaaS), and different physical locations. This can make it a challenge to protect and manage all backup data via a single solution. Additionally a …

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Cloud Backup Misconceptions and Their Truth

Top Cloud Misconceptions

A lot of things have been said about cloud backup, a strategy, and process that is constantly evolving. This blog post looks at some of the common misconceptions and misunderstandings about cloud backup to shed light on what's true.

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How Backup Vendors Hide The True Cost of Managed Backup

Just like our MSP partners, we’re always working to spread the word about the value of data protection through a reliable backup. For the NovaBACKUP team, that means working with IT providers to deploy our Managed Backup solution so that they can help clients remain secure against the …

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MSPs Overcome Small Hurdles to Raise The Bar

MSP Backup Hurdles

Managed Service Providers face a series of challenges when they are first getting started, and I often see their team members reaching out to more experienced colleagues for advice. Honestly, that is a great idea. But there is one concerning trend that I’ve noticed again and again whi …

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The Cost of Self-Hosting VS. Managed Hosting for MSPs

IT providers continually modify their environments to improve services for their clients. When it comes to offering backup & disaster recovery as a managed service those changes can be significant. The costs to the MSP will be determined by not only hardware and software but also …

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Differentiate Your Online Backup Service from Competitors

Working on the frontlines with MSPs I am always coming across inspirational success stories and taking note of their journey to arrive at their goals. From these insights, I’ve gathered quite a list of “do’s & don’ts” over the years for those offering managed IT services. This alw …

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7 Steps to Switch Revenue Models from VAR to MSP

You’ve decided to add managed services to your portfolio or change your business from a traditional (VAR) model to a managed service provider (MSP). This naturally takes some preplanning. Changes to your IT infrastructure, sales approach, and marketing strategies will all be required. …

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5 Reasons to Offer Backup as a Service for VARs and MSPs


Value-added resellers (VARs) worldwide are currently grappling with the strategic decision of whether to add Backup as a Service to their portfolio. This new offering would mark a significant shift for many VARs, as it would be their first foray into managed services. Initially, VARs …

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How Different Types of Clouds Protect Your Data [Video]


As cloud technologies continue to grow, even small businesses are taking a look at how to best leverage these offerings to protect their critical data. While the architectures of cloud infrastructure can take on a variety of complex models, in their most basic form - 3 types of cloud …

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