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by Bridget.Giacinto, on Oct 30, 2015 4:14:00 AM

In a business, preserving your information should be one of your top priorities. Its loss could mean significant downtime and possibly even closure. One place to start is with backup …

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Categories:Best PracticesPre-Sales QuestionsTips and Tricks

by Bridget.Giacinto, on Oct 27, 2015 10:54:58 AM

As a small business owner, data protection and recovery should be at the top of your list of priorities. With limited to no IT personnel in-house to help, tasks like …

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Categories:Pre-Sales QuestionsTips and Tricks

by Bridget.Giacinto, on Oct 23, 2015 8:31:03 AM

Backup plans are becoming a major priority across organizations of all sizes to make sure that they are able to quickly recover from any situation. However, if you're a small …

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Categories:Pre-Sales Questions

by Bridget.Giacinto, on Oct 20, 2015 4:23:42 AM

If you are in the health care sector, you know the pressure of meeting industry regulations in order to keep patient data safe. In particular, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability …

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Categories:Tips and TricksCompliance / HIPAA

by Bridget.Giacinto, on Oct 19, 2015 5:20:44 AM

Information is king across every industry, but how well are organizations protecting their vital records? Whether a cyberattack hits the network or a fire burns down the office, essential documents …

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Categories:Pre-Sales QuestionsCloud Backup

by Sean Curiel, on Oct 12, 2015 12:47:00 PM

Overview of Computer Backup A number of situations could occur that might result in the loss of data. A computer or hard drive failure could make data irretrievable. Theft of …

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by Bridget.Giacinto, on Oct 2, 2015 10:23:30 AM

Natural disasters, mishaps, viruses and user errors happen more often than you would think. Regardless of how it happens, these types of disasters have the ability to shut down your …

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Categories:Disaster Recovery


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