Cloud Backup for Workstations and Servers

NovaBACKUP Cloud adds an extra layer of protection for your critical data by backing up your Windows PCs and servers, files, virtual machines, and applications to a highly secure cloud backup storage.

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Why You Should Consider Cloud Backup

Backing up to a cloud destination in addition to local storage is an integral part of an organization's backup strategy to automatically protect business-critical data.

Cloud backup, a type of offsite data protection where data is backed up to a cloud-based server, allows organizations to store a secondary copy of their data at a remote location to ensure rapid data recovery in the event of malicious or accidental data loss, such as fire, flood, ransomware attack, or theft - while complying with all common regulatory requirements, such as HIPAA, at the same time. 


Why Choose NovaBACKUP for Cloud Backup

All-in-One Solution
Local + Cloud

NovaBACKUP's data protection solutions combine local and cloud backup in a single solution, ensuring that your data can be recovered at any time.

Flexible Cloud

The NovaBACKUP Cloud is always included. S3-compatible cloud storage and private clouds hosted in your own data center are also supported.

With the Best Support
in the Industry

Our support team, based in the USA and Germany, has an average tenure of >10 years. They'll work closely with you to resolve your questions. And setup assistance is always included.

Cloud Backup with NovaBACKUP

NovaBACKUP Cloud is included in all NovaBACKUP solutions, giving you access to secure and scalable local and cloud backup. To ensure tamper-proof backup files, NovaBACKUP solutions provide end-to-end 256-bit AES encryption - in transit and at rest.

In addition to NovaBACKUP Cloud, our highly secure cloud storage located in the United States, Canada, and Germany, we also support S3-compatible cloud storage and private clouds hosted in your own data center - or any combination thereof.

Utilize NovaBACKUP to run a scalable Backup-as-a-Service solution for you and your customers, helping you build a more advanced backup strategy and disaster recovery plan.


Features & Benefits

NovaBACKUP Plans with Cloud

NovaBACKUP Agent Software


Usage-based, Pay-as-you-go Licensing

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Offer Backup-as-a-Service to Clients.
Flexible Local and Cloud Backup Options.
Multi-tenancy and multi-user access.
Central Management, Monitoring, and Reporting.


Usage-based, Pay-as-you-go Licensing

Call for Pricing
Protect Multiple Offices & Remote Workforce.
Push installer for all machines.
End-to-End AES encryption.
Centralized management to control employees' backups.

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Connect your existing NovaBACKUP subscription to NovaBACKUP Cloud in just a few simple steps. 

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Augment your recurring revenue by offering your customers local and cloud backup services.

Customer Quotes

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“NovaBACKUP has proven to be a superior product and their customer support is consistently the best and most experienced that I’ve dealt with from any vendor."
Loei Simmons
Support Services Engineer, Mytec Services
"NovaBackup is very simple to make an image of your drives and backups of selected files/directories. Restoring is also simple and fast. I have had to put the restore capabilities to the test a couple of times, and in all instances, it performed as expected and delivered flawless accurate results."
Michael C. D.Michael C. D.
Founder & CEO of a Small Business
“NovaBACKUP has saved me more than once. Very easy to use. I do weekly full-image backups. This literally backs up the entire PC for an easy restore after a disaster like a failed hard drive. I highly recommend it!”
Paul Zimmerman
Home User

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