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Backup Strategy

Elevating your Backup & Recovery Strategy

We explore the latest backup and recovery strategies that create reliable data protection across devices and locations. Our backup experts share their secrets on how to create a backup and recovery strategy that meets your unique needs and that ensures data is quickly recoverable in the event of a data loss scenario.

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MSP Revenue Potentials with Backup

Unlocking Revenue Potentials with Backup & Recovery

Are you maximizing your profits for backup service offerings? Many IT-Resellers, System Integrators, and Service Provider offer basic backup services to their customers but may not be aware of the many ways in which they can increase monthly recurring revenues. In this webinar, we'll look at how some providers are getting more out of their backup business through unique service packages and offerings. We hope you'll walk away with some ideas for increasing your profitability.

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Microsoft 365 Backup Tips & Tricks

This ebook offers helpful tips and tricks for Microsoft 365 backup and archive to better safeguard your information allowing for quick recovery in case of a disaster.


Tips and Tricks for Backing Up Microsoft 365

During this webinar, we discussed Backup and Restore for SaaS applications like Microsoft 365. We highlight some best practices, discuss the various use cases, offer tips and tricks, and demo NovaBACKUP's M365 Backup solution.

Data Protection Trends 2023

Data Protection Trends: What to expect in 2023

During this webinar, we looked at the surging technology trends that will directly and positively impact your data protection strategy in 2023. 

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Network MSP Backup

Qualitas Networks

Qualitas Networks provides professional IT services, data security, and management. Whether ransomware attack, deleted files or a crashed OS, Qualitas always returns customers to a state of productivity using NovaBACKUP for MSPs.

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Ransomware Prevention

Mitigating the Risks of a Ransomware Attack

The best way to get your data back after an attack is a 3-2-1 backup plan utilizing advanced backup software.

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Backup Migrating Tips

Tips for Backup Solution Migration

NovaBACKUP offers valuable tips to help you when it comes time to migrate backup solutions.

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HIPAA 5 Overlooked Aspects

5 Overlooked Aspects of HIPAA

This whitepaper examines five areas in which Healthcare professionals have direct control over the security level

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Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

This whitepaper takes a closer look at the massive digital transformation and its impact on data security and data protection.

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Best Practices for Virtual Backup

This whitepaper provides virtual backup best practices and daily challenges of protecting virtual systems, along with helpful suggestions to maximize your VM data protection.

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Emergency Response to Ransomware Infection

Utilize this whitepaper for emergency action steps designed to help ensure a fast return to business in the event of a ransomware infection.

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Successful Positioning of a Managed Backup Service

This whitepaper is designed to provide helpful suggestions for positioning your Managed Backup Service to include cloud backup so as to ensure maximum success.

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Megabus Marlin Software

Megabus relies on NovaBACKUP to offer a complete backup and restore solution to protect client business data in the retail and wholesale industries.

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Compass Network Group

NovaBACKUP and Compass teamed up to help over 400 dental practices to protect patient data with a HIPAA-compliant solution.

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Expedia CruiseShipCenters

With annual sales growth averaging 20% each year for the past 25 years, Expedia CruiseShipCenters found in NovaBACKUP an affordable and complete data protection solution.

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Oldham Consulting

NovaBACKUP has helped Oldham Consulting for over 10 years to grow its IT and Network services business, by providing them with a flexible, efficient, easy-to-use backup and recovery platform with central management.

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Dental MSP Backup

Mytec Services

Dental network specialists for 24 years,  Mytec Services needed a speedy and reliable local and cloud backup solution and chose NovaBACKUP following the evaluation of several server backup solutions.

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NovaBACKUP Latest Release

This webinar on NovaBACKUP reviews the major increases in local-to-cloud backup speed, efficiencies in image backups, and much more.

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How to Stay on Top of Your Backups

Learn how to prevent potential backup problems and achieve a greater level of data protection confidence with our Central Monitoring tool, complimentary with all NovaBACKUP licenses. 

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Expert Guide: Simplify Data Protection

Our backup experts share their top secrets for simplifying data protection with backup automation and recommendations for replication and scheduled backups.

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Proactive Data Protection Strategies

Useful tips for fast, reliable backup, the importance of disaster recovery, physical to virtual restores, and how to protect against ransomware.

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Perform an Image Backup as VHDX

This webinar offers a quick guide to performing a System Image backup of an entire drive to VHDX Virtual Hard Disk format, for fast restores.

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How to Build a Better Backup Strategy

This guide outlines the key steps to building a comprehensive backup and recovery strategy that will not only ensure that your data can be recovered in the event of a disaster, but will also satisfy a significant portion of your regulatory requirements when compliance auditors are at the door.

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The Hidden Costs of Managed Backup

This ebook explores the hidden costs of offering managed backup services and how to avoid them.

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Security Tips for Remote Workers

This ebook offers 8 critical security tips designed to help protect employees working remotely from home.

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Cybersecurity Threat Prevention

Our security experts created preventive data protection steps to help you prevent ransomware attacks.

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Avoiding Common MSP Pitfalls

This ebook will help you make educated decisions, so you can avoid pitfalls in offering managed backup services.

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Getting Started with NovaBACKUP

Learn how to get the most out of your new NovaBACKUP software with this step-by-step guide. Learn to how to create a file and image backup, and a boot disk today.

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Online Backup Calculator

Planning your backups just got significantly easier. Find out how much time, storage, and budget your backups will require with this incredibly useful online backup calculator.

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HIPAA Security Guidelines

This infographic explores the 3 key safeguards (physical, technical, administrative) that are essential for your company to maintain compliance when it comes to HIPAA data security.

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HIPAA Security Checklist

This checklist is designed to allow you to perform an applicable self-evaluation of your practice or organization to perform an audit or assessment of your current HIPAA security.

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Emergency Data Recovery Plan

This template is designed to help get your emergency recovery plan laid out clearly, printed and secured within your organization for access by your emergency response team.

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Boot a VHDX Image as a Virtual Machine

This straightforward guide will walk you through how to boot up a VHDX system image as a Hyper-V virtual machine in three easy steps so you can quickly get back to business after a disaster.

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5 Facts about MSPs and HIPAA Compliance

This infographic explores 5 facts for MSP with clients that handle protected health information (PHI) and why maintaining HIPAA compliance is so critical.

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Backup as a Service for MSPs

NovaBACKUP's Backup-as-a-Service solution is designed to help Managed Service Providers (MSPs) create a recurring revenue stream by offering local and offsite cloud backup.

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SaaS Application Backup and Archive for Microsoft 365

Effortlessly backup and restore all business-critical Microsoft 365 data, meet strict regulatory compliance requirements and protect against security threats.

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Backup and Disaster Recovery Product Portfolio 

Review our NovaBACKUP product portfolio for backup and disaster recovery for small businesses, end-users, and managed service providers.

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Server Backup for Applications and Virtual Machines 

NovaBACKUP Business Essentials is all-inclusive local and cloud backup and DR software for Windows Servers with SQL, Exchange, and Virtual Machines.

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Ransomware Edition: Recent Attacks, Defending Against it and Responding to Infection

Ransomware, recent attacks, defending against it, and responding to infection. The first episode of a brand new podcast focused on challenges faced by Managed Security Providers!

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TRIAGE: Data Breach Preparation and Response

In this episode, we discuss an MSP's response to data breaches and other data-loss scenarios. We explore what can be done today to ensure a fast, efficient response in the event that a customer, or an MSP, becomes a victim of cybercrime.  

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Dental MSPs: Challenges, Customer Vetting and More! (Part 2 of 2)

We continue to examine the types of customers and environments that Dental MSPs face daily in our part 2 Dental series.  We're joined by a SPECIAL GUEST: Bill Dungey, Co-Owner of CTS IT, based in Ontario, Canada.

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Dental MSPs: Challenges, Customer Vetting and More! (Part 1 of 2)

In this episode, we discuss a specific MSP niche - Dental MSPs! Managed Service Providers that serve the dental field face a unique set of challenges, dealing with highly sensitive data and regulatory compliance.

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Selling Managed Services

In this episode we explore the sales aspect of Managed Services, including Managed Backup Services. As MSPs grow they often face challenges in communicating the kind of benefits that customers will experience with their services. 

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An industry icon, synonymous with Retail, Wholesale and Franchise/Dealer Groups.

Founded in 1979 with a vision and pioneering spirit to automate Point of Sale systems, Megabus also offers a wide array of technology services to streamline and protect their client’s valued business data.


Real value from a ‘whole of network’ approach

When customers required backup and restore as an integral component of their data availability, Megabus looked to NovaStor as their preferred backup technology vendor to serve their clients in the Retail and Wholesale industries. NovaBACKUP Business Essentials has become the recommended Tape Backup solution, while the NovaBACKUP NAS product family offers remote administration from NovaStor’s Central Management Console (CMC).

Virtualization-capable for clients

While recently servicing a customer in the field of wholesale distribution – Megabus was faced with the requirement of backing up multiple virtual and physical machines at the file level – from a central location at a cost that wouldn’t be prohibitive to the client. NovaStor’s NovaBACKUP NAS product resulted in a perfect fit to achieve this task. Backup jobs are now easily administered and initiated conveniently through NovaStor’s CMC, which is accessible via any web browser connected to the Internet. NovaStor’s all-inclusive pricing model means that the customer can conveniently back up both their SQL and email databases without any additional costs for plugins or features.

“The NovaBACKUP NAS products are the perfect solution for centralized control of network backups.”  Systems Administrator at Megabus.


Over 400 dental practices and offices nationwide depend on NovaBACKUP with Central Monitoring to protect their patients’ critical data.

Medical software provider Compass Network Group uses NovaBACKUP MSP to monitor data backup through a simple, browser-based user interface. The Central Monitoring Console (CMon) makes it easy to monitor backup jobs, create alerts and reports on the fly. Together, NovaStor and Compass offer busy practices a stress-free way to backup critical business data.

Dental Technology Integrator helps practices stay productive using the NovaBACKUP MSP Program

Complex patient privacy laws from HIPAA and HITECH create a need for smaller dental practices to protect their data with secure solutions that adhere to these industry regulations – and still fall within their budget. Compass Network Group helps implement software solutions that lighten administrative responsibilities for hardworking dentists.

Meeting privacy regulations and keeping patient information confidential

Dental offices have become much more aware of what losing data could cost them. Practices that do not back up properly the risk of serious consequences, both in terms of patient privacy and violation enforcement. Backing up, restoring and safeguarding patient health care information, and data like radiography images, has become an expected IT service. As practices increasingly seek outside backup assistance, dentistry-specific IT companies like Compass require efficient solutions backed by reliable technical support engineers.


Remote backups and personalized management keep customers smiling

At a budget-friendly price point, with highly personalized account management, Compass and NovaStor let dentists stay focused on their practices without having to worry about patient data loss. NovaBACKUP and Compass’ disaster recovery and data backup solutions restore, encrypt and manage data. Client backup jobs are monitored remotely for additional security in case of natural disasters. Compass offers multiple data security packages reflecting the growing concerns of an industry that’s held accountable to rigid privacy regulations.

The solution

The NovaBACKUP MSP Program allows Compass Network Group to use their NovaBACKUP master key to install whenever and wherever they wish. Numerous customer installations are conveniently monitored through a browser-based user interface, optimized for mobile devices. The most important stats for immediate backup status are accessible via the CMon Central monitoring tool which lets them define customer groups and assign the rights to manage them. By assuming the responsibility of securing data and monitoring backups for clients, Compass Network takes this burden off busy dental offices, so they can focus on what they do best – dentistry, while providing the peace of mind that critical patient healthcare data is securely protected, and HIPAA compliance is maintained.


A franchise network of 170+ independently-owned retail locations and over 4,000 vacation consultants

With a costly maintenance renewal due for an existing backup solution and additional machines requiring protection, a decision was made about finding a solution that would support the latest operating systems and technologies. When weighing the cost of inaction, such as data loss in the event of a hardware failure, Expedia CruiseShipCenters selected NovaBACKUP to protect its user data for more than 100 employees.

Reducing cost while preparing for growth

With annual sales growth averaging 20% each year for the past 25 years, Expedia CruiseShipCenters has become a global leader in the marketing and sales of cruise vacations. Coupled with their expansive growth and the need for increased data protection, Expedia CruiseShipCenters needed to address the latest release of the Microsoft Operating System. So, they turned to NovaStor to back up their machines and purchased the necessary licenses for NovaBACKUP at nearly half the cost of the competing backup solution. Now, occasional requirements to restore data has created confidence with the NovaBACKUP product line and all physical machines are backing up to Tape, Disk, or a Network Attached Storage device.

A local, U.S.- based backup expert at the ready

Expedia CruiseShipCenters is now able to use NovaBACKUP products seamlessly, with 1 year of premium NovaCare telephone support and upgrade protection included. And, speaking with backup engineers for expert advice or with specific data-restoration questions is never a challenge, and has become an expected level of quality service.

“Our business justification for a change of solutions was simply the potential impact of delaying such a change. Our experience with NovaBACKUP and their support has been a positive one.”
– William Wang, Senior Systems Administrator, Expedia CruiseShipCenters.


IT and Network Services Consultant, has Relied on NovaBACKUP for Over 10 Years.

For more than 10 years, NovaBACKUP has served as the primary backup software of Oldham Consulting, located in the city of Cumming, one hour north of Atlanta. With the recent release of NovaBACKUP Cloud for managed service providers (MSPs), Steve Oldham, owner of the IT consulting firm, has found a program that is just the right fit for his needs. He can continue to rely on the NovaBACKUP software that he is already highly experienced with, but now using an enhanced platform specifically designed to allow growth and flexibility for IT consultants and MSPs. This platform includes both local and cloud storage, a central monitoring console and simple billing.


“I find NovaBACKUP a very easy to use and efficient solution for managing data protection for our customers. They are mostly ‘mom and pop stores’ in North Georgia and the surrounding areas. In more than a decade, I’ve never had any issue with NovaBACKUP. It simply works. Plus, the price is fair.”  
Steve Oldhma, Owner of Oldham Consulting

Screen Shot 2020-09-01 at 22.08.49

Using a Redundant Backup Strategy to Ensure Protection

Oldham Consulting has been a provider of IT and Network services since 1991, serving businesses and residences with a high satisfaction rate. Currently, Steve makes use of a redundant backup strategy, which includes multiple storage destinations. By having storage both locally and offsite, he is able to reach a higher level of confidence from his customers in the availability of their critical data.

“Another great aspect of working with NovaBACKUP is their support. I have had fast responses to technical questions and emails. Also, the team really knows their product and the industry, which makes the call much more productive. Finally, they are open to take customer feedback and respond to it. That’s something I value a lot”, continued Steve.

To learn more about how NovaBACKUP Cloud helps MSPs to enhance customer data protection strategies, click here.

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Mytec Services Reduced Support Costs and Increased Efficiency After Migrating to NovaBACKUP Cloud.

Specialists in meeting dental offices’ network demands for 24 years, Mytec Services needed a speedy and reliable local and cloud backup solution to replace their existing product that had become unstable.



After their previous backup solution was acquired by another company, the product changed and became unstable. Based on their need to ensure the stability of their clients critical systems, Mytec Services decided to look for another solution.


Following the evaluation of several backup solutions, Mytec Services chose to move forward with NovaBACKUP Cloud, due to the reliability they experienced in their backup and restore testing scenarios and the rapid support team response times.

Working with experienced MSP experts throughout the testing period gave them the confidence in NovaBACKUP that they required to move forward. After migrating to NovaBACKUP Cloud, Mytec Services’ team immediately noticed significant time savings and cost reduction related to client backup management.

“NovaBACKUP has proved to be a superior product and their customer support is consistently the best and most experienced that I’ve dealt with from any vendor. Our team was very disappointed with our previous backup solution, which started to show instability and failures after being acquired by another company.”  - Lori Simmons, Support Services Engineer | Mytec Services

Based in New Orleans, Mytec Services provides world-class IT consulting, design and support for dental offices across the Gulf South. Data protection is an integral part of their offering, both in terms of ensuring uptime of critical systems and meeting HIPAA compliance. Mytec Services sets high standards for themselves and for any vendor partner they represent, including NovaBACKUP, which has received the HIPAA seal of compliance and provides backup services to tens of thousands of dental and healthcare practices globally.



Increased Efficiencies, Reduced Costs

Migrating to a new solution can be a daunting task. NovaBACKUP Cloud for MSPs is a solution managed by a special technical onboarding team with years of experience in the Managed Service Provider industry. Training and integration support is provided throughout the setup process to make the move to a new platform a smooth, painless experience.

"I'm impressed with NovaBACKUP’s reliability and the fast response times from their technical support. Since day one, I have been assisted by the same group of technicians, who immediately get back to me and are already familiar with my situation, which expedites answers when I have questions. With other companies, sometimes it has taken several days to hear back on reported issues,” says Lori Simmons, Support Services Engineer.

With cloud seeding, a complimentary NovaBACKUP service, customers are able to send their initial full backup (often very large) via a shipped external hard drive to NovaBACKUP’s US-based data center. This service was essential to ensuring a quick, seamless, and complete migration for Mytec Services. Once their customers’ first backups were in place, NovaBACKUP securely backed up only the incremental changes to the cloud, creating surprisingly fast backup speeds and reduced cloud storage costs.

“NovaBACKUP Cloud proved to be a life-saver when managing our customers’ data protection plans. Our billing has gone down considerably, but more important, the product is stable and performance has increased. We aim to provide the best for our customers and NovaBACKUP has delivered as our backup vendor,” Lori stated.

To learn more about how NovaBACKUP Cloud can help you grow your business, visit our page on Backup as a Service for MSPs.

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Brazilian MSP, Qualitas Networks, Utilizes Disaster Recovery Features to Secure Small Business Data

Based in São Paulo, Brasil, Qualitas Networks provides professional IT services that help businesses adapt to rapidly changing business conditions and deploy flexible, secure IT infrastructure.

Qualitas Networks services range from technology consulting to cloud computing, data protection, systems deployment, and providing day-to-day IT management. As a rule, Qualitas managed services must not only be of the highest quality but must also be in alignment with the client's growth strategy.

Working with Qualitas, organizations are able to reduce their costs and improve efficiency through better asset management. Qualitas first analyzes the organization's software and hardware to see how adjustments can lead to performance improvements that will help meet business objectives. Data and security technologies are then consolidated to simplify management. Next, backup operations are fine-tuned to run more transparently and follow best practice recommendations to meet the strictest industry compliance requirements.


Quallitas first evaluated different backup solutions, over a decade ago, seeking a balance between advanced features, cost-effectiveness, the ease at which it could be deployed. Rigorous Testing revealed that the lightest footprint possible on client systems would help to minimize any potential disruption. From this criteria, NovaBACKUP was selected as the only solution to meet all requirements in a single software application.


Qualitas recently integrated NovaBACKUP's Central Management console, included when becoming an MSP partner, as it provide visibility into all customer backup jobs at a glance. Image backup jobs are conducted weekly to ensure that the Operating System volume is secured. Full file backups are scheduled weekly with differential file backups performed every weekday. Virtual machines have backup schedules based on their level of importance, with numerous systems backed up daily.

“This has resulted in total data security for our customer’s”, says Jose Oliveira. “We’ve never failed to restore a compromised server using NovaBACKUP. That’s why we’ve continually used this solution since 2010.”

Whether ransomware attack, deleted files or a crashed Operating System, Qualitas always returns customers to a state of productivity.

“We have never lost a file from a customer using NovaBACKUP solutions. More than one time our customers have been saved from threats like ransomware. It’s our go-to backup solution for all our customer’s needs.” - Jose Eduardo Oliveira, Partner | Qualitas Networks


The Qualitas team had responded to a support request by one of their clients, a large accounting firm. Their file server was utilizing over 30 million files in the Windows file system, a massive MFT that was causing degraded performance and operating system crash. The sheer number of millions of tiny files made the generation of a full backup unfeasible within a realistic time frame. The team instead chose to utilize image backups, a highly-flexible backup technology within NovaBACKUP software products.

Qualitas accessed an older image and was quickly able to restore to an entirely dissimilar set of hardware in order to reestablish access to data and productivity. A second image of the crashed volume (not bootable by Windows) was utilized to bring back the most current data. Between the two images, Qualitas was able to get the customer’s environment back online without losing a single file. From that point the Qualitas team was able to clean up other massive and problematic folders, performing file maintenance that made a regular full-backup more realistic for the client.


For more than a decade, we've been committed to providing all-inclusive and powerful, local and cloud-based data protection to thousands of MSPs and professional offices around the globe. We are industry leaders in backup and disaster recovery, with vast experience in helping specialized industries reach the strictest data protection goals. Our job is to make data protection as simple and reliable for our clients and partners as possible.

For a complimentary evaluation of your backup environment, visit our page on Backup as a Service for MSPs.

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