HIPAA-Compliant Data Protect for Dentisis

Protect your patients' PHI with a backup solution that is built to accommodate the strict compliance requirements of the dental industry.

Reliable Backup Solution for Dentists

All personal patient records, such as protected health information (PHI), in a dental practice must be backed up regularly to comply with HIPAA and other regulations. 

To ensure complete data protection, dentists need to store their backup data in multiple locations, encrypt the data as it is sent to the backup location, and be able to fully restore the files in the event of a data loss.


The Importance of a Hybrid Backup Strategy for Dental Offices

Learn more about the data protection requirements for dentists.

Why Choose Novabackup for Your Dental Backup

Designed for HIPAA-Compliance Requirements

NovaBACKUP's data protection solutions comply with common regulatory requirements, including HIPAA.

  • Your data is encrypted in transit and at rest, ensuring that no unauthorized entity can access it.
  • Reduces the risk of irreversible data loss by combining multiple backups to local and cloud storage.
  • Provides insight into the success or failure of your ongoing backups.

Includes Everything
You Need

NovaBACKUP offers a comprehensive list of features to ensure reliable backup of your dental patient data.

  • Backup to local and cloud storage, including the NovaBACKUP Cloud
  • Set up multiple backup jobs with specific retention to ensure that all your data is protected according to its priority.
  • Flexible recovery options for individual files and folders, entire systems on new hardware, or mounted as a VM.

The Best Support in the Industry

Our support team, based in the USA and Germany, has an average tenure of >10 years.

  • Questions? Our team will work closely with you to resolve them.
  • We help with the initial setup and configuration and provide ongoing support.
  • Access to the latest version of our software is always included.

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What Does HIPAA Compliance Entail for Backing up Dental Records?

An important part of HIPAA compliance for dentists is backing up all health information. Specifically:

  • A secure backup that allows you to retrieve your PHI data as an exact copy.
  • The ability to recover your dental records in the event of any data loss scenario.
  • This means that backups must be made frequently to multiple locations (onsite and offsite), they must be encrypted, and backups must be tested regularly.

You can find more details in our blog post.


Access to Dental Patient Data at All Times

Under state law, a dental practice must provide a copy of a patient’s information within 15 days of receiving such request. The dental practice must also provide the data in the format requested by the client. This might include X-rays, photographs, and any written information, even if it isn't clinical.

As a result, rapid recovery from any type of data loss, including accidental deletion, cyber-attacks, and even natural disasters, is essential.

Ransomware Attacks Affect Dental Practices and Providers

Ransomware attacks are increasing every year, and the healthcare industry, including dentists, is one of the top targets for cybercriminals. 

Compared to paying the ransom, backing up your patients' data is a faster, cheaper, and more reliable way to recover your systems after an attack.

NovaBACKUP's team of experts understands the stringent data protection requirements for securing your dental practice's PHI and will work with you to exceed them.

Want to Offer Managed Backup for Dentists?

NovaBACKUP offers a HIPAA-compliant backup and recovery solution for service providers who want to generate recurring revenue by offering managed backup services to their dentist customers.

Understanding Dental Backup

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