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Protect Your Databases with SQL Server Backup and Exchange Backup 

Business-critical data doesn't just exist in a file format. A lot of information lives in applications and databases that deserve the same attention as your files, pictures, and videos. To keep disruptions to a minimum, you need to be able to keep working with your programs while your backup solution keeps your data safe and secure.

Backup for Microsoft SQL, other SQL-based databases, and Exchange server backup is already included in the NovaBACKUP Server Agent, which also protects your Windows Server files and virtual machines. And information residing in Microsoft 365 applications can be protected with the NovaBACKUP M365 Backup and Archive solution.


Why Choose NovaBACKUP to Backup Exchange and Backup SQL Databases

Comprehensive Data Protection

To recover from any type of data loss, combine database backups or snapshots (to local and cloud backup storage) with a full system image backup.

Don't Disrupt Your Business

Take live snapshots of your applications and databases. NovaBACKUP Server Agent is fully VSS-aware and doesn't force you to shut down your applications, so your employees and customers won't notice a thing.

With the Best Support in the Industry

Our support team, based in the USA and Germany, has an average tenure of >10 years. They'll work closely with you to resolve your questions. And setup assistance is always included.

Features for SQL and Exchange Backup and Recovery

Add a Second Layer of Protection with Cloud Backup

NovaBACKUP Cloud, our secure cloud storage, offers customers an offsite destination for data redundancy, creating an extra layer of protection.

Protect your data from accidental file deletion, hardware crashes, computer theft, natural disasters, and ransomware. With cyberattacks on the rise, it's critical to secure business data proactively using multiple storage destinations. When you secure your applications using NovaBACKUP Cloud, you create a powerful level of defense and avoid the nightmare of having to pay a ransom in order to access your own critical data.


Windows Server and VM Backup Are Already Included

Using the NovaBACKUP Server Agent, you can protect not only your Microsoft SQL or Exchange, but also any physical Windows Server or hypervisors running Hyper-V and VMware, allowing you to protect your virtual machines without additional costs or having to install separate plug-ins.

Backup to local and cloud backup storage for virtual machines, Windows PCs and servers, and applications is always included with NovaBACKUP Server Agent.

Learn More About VM Backup

Understanding Database Backup for SQL and Exchange

Application Backup for SQL and Exchange Database FAQs

Do I have to buy an add-on to back up applications and databases?

NovaBACKUP Server Agent includes everything you need to back up your SQL databases and backup Exchange servers, as well as Windows file servers and virtual machines.

If you want to back up your Microsoft 365 applications and information, you'll need the NovaBACKUP M365 Backup or NovaBACKUP 365 Backup and Archive add-on.

Can I back up my data to the cloud?

Yes. NovaBACKUP Server Agent comes with 250 GB of cloud storage for the NovaBACKUP cloud. This allows you to create offsite backups for your Microsoft SQL and other SQL-based databases.

You can also back up your Microsoft 365 data to our cloud. Unlimited cloud storage is included.

You can also add your own S3-compatible cloud storage to NovaBACKUP.

Do I have to shut down my database in order to back it up?

No, that is not necessary. NovaBACKUP is VSS-aware and can backup live and running applications and databases.

Can I restore my database to a different location?

Yes, that is absolutely possible. You can restore your database (or entire system) to the same or a different location.

Do you support single mail restore?

Our NovaBACKUP M365 Backup and M365 Backup and archive support single mail restore of emails and mailboxes managed within Microsoft 365.

Do you offer an email archive function?

NovaBACKUP M365 Backup and Archive has an indefinite retention option, including features to simplify searches, create audit logs, compliance tags, and more.

Can I back up databases inside a virtual machine?

It depends on your specific use case. In some cases, it might make more sense to back up everything from the host, while in other cases, an additional NovaBACKUP agent inside a virtual machine might be better.

Contact us to talk to a backup expert and see what makes the most sense for your environment.

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“NovaBACKUP not only backed up EVERYTHING, but it did it EFFICIENTLY with a ZERO FAILURE RATE and it was faster than your competitors.”
Barry McKenna
President, McKenna Service Company
"NovaBACKUP is very simple to make an image of your drives and backups of selected files/directories. Restoring is also simple and fast. I have had to put the restore capabilities to test a couple of times, and in all instances, it performed as expected and delivered flawless accurate results."
Michael C. D.
Founder & CEO of a Small Business
“We had an unexpected drive failure on our primary email server. NovaBACKUP saved the day! We replaced the damaged drive and began the recovery process. Restoring the mailboxes was absurdly easy. We restored the database and the individual mailboxes that had been damaged or completely lost.”
Matthew Cannarsa

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