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The Importance of Backup Software


In recognition of World Backup Day, we felt it was important to discuss why backup software is so important. Unfortunately many computer users have learned the importance of backup software the hard way. Hard drives are one of the least reliable components of a PC system, and most peo …

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Avoid Disaster With a Server Backup


In today's digital age, the shift towards storing information digitally rather than on paper is becoming increasingly prevalent. This modern trend not only offers a more efficient way of managing data but also provides enhanced protection for valuable information. With the increasing …

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Tired of Losing Important Information?


In today’s world, most people rely on technology to hold every single piece of important information. Rather than developing your family pictures, you probably have them stored on a hard drive or computer somewhere. With the ability to scan and email important documents, it’s not even …

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Are You Getting Enough VALUE from Your Backup Solutions?


Today I would like to discuss VALUE. Value can be viewed as the importance, worth or usefulness of something. Each person has their own unique measures of value. It is basically, your personal barometer of what is important in life. When it comes to backup, VALUE can be looked at from …

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USB, NAS, or Tape for Offsite Backup?


In today’s small-to-medium business infrastructure the most commonly talked about backup destinations I hear from my customers are USB drives or a local NAS with tape backups coming in a relatively distant third. While there are pros and cons for all three, the immediate follow-up con …

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Not Creating a Disaster Recovery Plan Could Cost You Everything


Disaster recovery planning is a very large topic, with just one part being about backing up and recovering your data. To give you a real life example of what I mean by saying that data backup and recovery is just part of an overall disaster recovery plan, I will refer to a recent post …

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What Happened to Made and Supported in America?


What happened to the day when you could pick up the phone to get support for a product you purchased in America and get a local support person who actually works for and understands the ins and outs of the product you purchased… oh and speaks English fluently? That shouldn’t be too mu …

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