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Backup Solutions for Healthcare: What to Look For

In the healthcare industry, special attention needs to be paid to the security and protection of patients’ private and highly sensitive electronic medical records. Healthcare providers are held to a higher standard regarding the backup, encryption, and retention of electronic medical …

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Why Offsite Backup isn’t a Maybe – it’s a Must

IT and business leaders understand that backing up data is essential, but they often overlook the need to include offsite backup in their recovery plans. Offsite backup isn’t just a nice-to-have. It’s vital for delivering the recoverability and redundancy that every organization needs …

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Data retention: When should you back up, archive or delete?


While some businesses are already using data to foretell the future, others are still trying to figure out the basics of data management. As they grow, small and medium-sized businesses in particular will start finding that they are generating more data than they know what to do with. …

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HIPAA Verified Backup Solutions

Organizations that store and secure protected health information (PHI) understand that strict HIPAA Security and Privacy rules are in place to help protect the patient and the business while also helping to prevent data loss. Adhering to these safeguards also helps to avoid both finan …

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Preparing to Sign a Cyberinsurance Policy

Now you’ve read a little about cyber-insurance, and the challenges you might face. But don’t dismiss it just yet. There are substantial reasons to enter into a Cyberinsurance policy. Cyber insurance is there to provide resources when all of your defenses have failed, at a potentially …

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What is Cyberinsurance?

Ransomware continues to make headlines. The progress of businesses, schools, and government agencies comes to a grinding halt for perhaps hours, often for days. This phenomenon, among other things, has brought a new popular term into the IT lexicon - Cyber insurance. What is it? Do yo …

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California Data Privacy Law: Understand the Impact to Your Business


Amid increasing concerns about digital privacy and the recently approved General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe, California’s legislature has enacted a new law to empower the state’s residents to claim their rights over personal data disclosed to companies in the U.S.

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Does the GDPR Affect My US Company?


Yes. That’s the short answer. But let’s take a step back to explain.

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My Father’s Guide to HIPAA Compliance


This article is about compliancy and the regulations surrounding the protection of Protected Health Information (PHI).

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Planning for healthcare, and safeguarding your privacy


The national discussion surrounding healthcare has been on the table since the election of 2017. But regardless of political leanings, Americans simply want reliable, affordable healthcare that gives them some degree of choice. And choosing a specific healthcare plan can be a difficul …

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