Secure Data Protection for Law Firms

Meet compliance requirements, protect private information, and ensure fast data recovery for your legal practice.

Full Data Protection with Fast Recovery for Law Firms

A data loss incident affects your law firm in unpredictable ways. It starts with the immediate cost of replacing the lost data. But worse, there are additional costs due to lost productivity, billable hours, or even lost clients. In addition, a data breach can expose you to financial liability and reputational damage.

NovaBACKUP's comprehensive set of data protection features enables your law firm to protect highly confidential data without disrupting daily operations.


Why Choose NovaBACKUP for the Backup of Your Legal Firm

Designed for Strict Compliance Requirements

NovaBACKUP's data protection solutions comply with common regulatory requirements.

  • Your data is encrypted in transit and at rest, ensuring that no unauthorized entity can access it.
  • Reduces the risk of irreversible data loss by combining multiple backups to local and cloud storage.
  • Provides insight into the success or failure of your ongoing backups.

Includes Everything
You Need

NovaBACKUP offers a comprehensive list of features to ensure reliable backup of your data.

  • Backup to local and cloud storage, including the NovaBACKUP Cloud
  • Set up multiple backup jobs with specific retention to ensure that all your data is protected according to its priority.
  • Flexible recovery options for individual files and folders, entire systems on new hardware, or mounted as a VM.

The Best Support in the Industry

Our support team, based in the USA and Germany, has an average tenure of >10 years.

  • Questions? Our team will work closely with you to resolve them.
  • We help with the initial setup and configuration and provide ongoing support.
  • Access to the latest version of our software is always included.

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Data Privacy Laws are Evolving

Caring for clients across multiple industries and locations requires the ability to meet the latest data privacy regulations. Whether industry-specific (Sarbanes-Oxley/SOX, PCI-DSS, and HIPAA) or regional (GDPR, CCPA, SHIELD), lawyers carry both a legal and ethical responsibility to safeguard client data against loss, theft, or disclosure. NovaBACKUP solutions are a lawyer’s greatest tool for securing critical data against threats, whether natural or malicious.


The American Bar Association Rule

The American Bar Association (ABA) Rule 1.6 on confidential information states:

"A lawyer shall make reasonable efforts to prevent the inadvertent or unauthorized disclosure of, or unauthorized access to, information relating to the representation of a client.”

Coordinated Ransomware Attacks Have Targeted Small Law Firms

Ransomware attacks are no longer limited to large enterprises. Of all the different legal organizations, law firms are at the top of the list of those affected. 

According to Tari Schneider, former chief security architect at Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, 50% of infections occurred at law firms with just 1-19 lawyers.

Cybersecurity Threats Go Beyond Holding Data Hostage

The latest ransomware variants don't just encrypt your entire network and hold it for ransom. They threaten to leak your confidential data if you refuse to pay the ransom, risking long-term damage to an organization's reputation - as reported by

NovaBACKUP works side-by-side with your law firm to achieve a complete data protection strategy, making sure your data and systems are recovered in case of data loss. 

Are You a Managed Service Provider Looking to Protect Client Data?

NovaBACKUP offers a backup and recovery solution for service providers looking to earn predictable recurring revenue by offering their clients managed backup services.

Understanding Backup for
Law Firms

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“Another great aspect of working with NovaBACKUP is their support. I have had fast responses to technical questions and emails. Also, the team really knows their product and the industry, which makes the call much more productive.”
Steve Oldham
Owner, Oldham Consulting
“NovaBACKUP has proven to be a superior product and their customer support is consistently the best and most experienced I’ve dealt with from any vendor. ”
Lori Simmons
Support Services Engineer, Mytec Services
“NovaBACKUP is the first program that has worked for me as advertised. I have already successfully restored my system using a Disaster Recovery image backup. Thank you very much for your great backup software. It is the best!”
Eric MacDonald

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