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Essentials for Backing Up SQL Server Database


Databases contain a lot of critical data that is important to the ongoing operations of your business, which is why SQL backup and server maintenance should be high on your list of priorities. The most important aspect is SQL server database backup. Backup SQL Databases Backing up SQL …

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What is Virtual Machine Replication?


Let's take a deep dive into one of the facets of virtual machine protection called virtual machine replication and what it can do for a business. The first question that may come to mind is, “what is virtual machine replication?” On a very simple level, virtual machine replication (VM …

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Why Physical and Virtual Machine Backup Just Makes Sense


As I stated in my previous article about why virtualization can make sense in the small business world, not everyone can virtualize all of their data, especially since it still takes time to do the migration. During the transition period where you are migrating to virtualization, or e …

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NovaBACKUP Beats-Out Competition in Backup Challenge


With data growth at a record high, businesses face a significant challenge to find ways to keep their backup window in check. As data sizes increase, companies will require peak speed, performance, and efficiency out of their backup solution to ensure that their backups do not become …

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iCloud Hack: Apple Vulnerability Reveals More Than Security Breach


Cloud file-sharing services like Apple iCloud have almost become synonymous with cloud backup, but in reality they are not the same thing. Online or cloud file sharing services were originally designed to make it easier for users to upload and download large files for sharing that wer …

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