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Support Questions

If you're an existing customer looking for technical support, please Submit a Ticket.

How do I get started?

We recommend reviewing the current NovaBACKUP Quickstart Guide.

Can support help me install NovaBACKUP?

Yes, NovaBACKUP's support team is happy to help you set up and configure your NovaBACKUP solution. Simply submit a requests online.

What operating systems are supported by NovaBACKUP?

NovaBACKUP supports all the latest Windows operating systems. For a complete, up-to-date list of system requirements for NovaBACKUP Server, please view our system requirements document.

How can I upgrade my backup software to the new version?

Check the current status of your software and upgrade eligibility in our license manager.

How do I request technical support?

If you cannot locate your question in the support knowledge base then those with active support may request email and telephone support. Submit a support ticket here.

What is NovaCare?

NovaCare gives you full access to our world-class support team and software upgrades - all included at no additional cost. You can check the status of your NovaCare and learn more about it on the Support page.

Where is NovaBACKUP’s support team?

Support for NovaBACKUP is delivered from our office in Agoura Hills, California USA. All support technicians are experienced NovaBACKUP employees in order to deliver a quality support experience to our users of NovaBACKUP.

How do I access the knowledgebase?

The Support Knowledge base lets you search for technical articles and guides to learn more about the features and how to configure NovaBACKUP.

How do I install the latest update of my backup software?

Learn more about the NovaBACKUP update process in this knowledgebase article.

What’s the difference between the current version and the last version?

NovaBACKUP’s full version change-log may be viewed here in the support knowledgebase.

How much storage space and how much time do I need to complete my backups?

This question is highly dependent upon your environment, from the amount of data to the speed of your network connectivity. Tools such as this backup calculator can help provide a rough idea of the requirements for your backup routine.

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What are the differences between the subscription and the perpetual licensing models?

The NovaBACKUP subscription license delivers fully-functional backup software along with regular software updates and ongoing technical support at an affordable annual fee. The NovaBACKUP Perpetual license model allows you to purchase a software license which offers updates and support for a set period of time (example: 1-Year).

Will a single software license back up my entire computer (Exchange, SQL databases, etc)?

NovaBACKUP only requires a single license to backup your entire Windows machine. The type of machine (PC or Server) will determine which NovaBACKUP product license you require.

I have a computer which cannot be connected to the internet. Can I activate a license offline?

Yes. Select Offline Activation in the License Registration area of your software to receive your hardware key. Please copy this ID and transfer it to another system with an Internet connection. Open this website and enter your license information, license key, hardware ID and select the major version (e.g. v20) that matches your license.

How do I transfer my license key to a new computer?

When you purchased your NovaBACKUP product, you were provided a License Key via email. Simply install your NovaBACKUP software onto the new system and enter your license key. Your new system will now take over the license key and offer access to the software.

Can I install NovaBACKUP PC in a Server environment?

No. NovaBACKUP PC is designed for workstation operating systems, such as Windows 11.


How much data can NovaBACKUP handle?

There is no built-in limit on how much data NovaBACKUP is able to handle. 

Can NovaBACKUP Server save files if they are open during a backup?

Yes, NovaBACKUP Server supports open-file backups using VSS.

Can I run a full backup and then have future backups save only the changes to my files?

Yes. This is possible using Differential or Incremental backups. One thing to keep in mind is that only entire files are backed up, not just the changes, so you always have complete copies of your files whenever they are backed up.

We recommend learning more about backup types when developing your personalized backup strategy. Review our Quickstart Guide to learn more.

Am I able to restore single files from a backup onto my computer, or do I have to restore an entire backup to access my files?

With NovaBACKUP you can individually select which files you'd like to restore from a given backup. Alternatively, you can restore an entire backup.

Can I mount a NovaBACKUP system image as a virtual machine?

A System Image Backup in VHD(x) format created with NovaBACKUP can first be imported into your Microsoft Hyper-V environment and then accessed as a virtual machine.

What kind of notifications or alerts does NovaBACKUP provide?

Knowing that your backups are completed successfully is very important. The most common method is email notification, which means NovaBACKUP can email you every time a backup completes, encounters an issue, or on a regular schedule.

Can NovaBACKUP back up to the cloud?

NovaBACKUP is able to back up to the cloud using various cloud storage options including: true online backup utilizing NovaBACKUP Cloud, S3-compatible storage, and more.

Does NovaBACKUP support backup of Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Exchange, and Virtual Machines (Hyper-V and VMware)?

NovaBACKUP Server Agent product fully supports the backup and restore of these specialized business technologies.

Can NovaBACKUP restore all of my file data, applications, and operating system too?

NovaBACKUP creates file backups as well as System Image (Disaster Recovery) backups. A complete System Image backup in combination with a recovery boot disk, has the potential to restore your entire system – including applications and operating system.

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Central Management

Can I manage all of my NovaBACKUP installations from a single location?

NovaBACKUP Central Management allows you to manage, analyze and check the status of all your NovaBACKUP installations down to the level of individual backup jobs and files. Manage all your backups from anywhere.


I want to offer a managed backup service. Where do I start?

NovaBACKUP offers multiple options for delivering Backup-as-a-Service including our Managed Backup Solution which allows MSPs to offer Backup-as-a-Service. To find the best fit for your business model, speak to a backup expert.

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