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Protect your Windows PC with the reliable and comprehensive NovaBACKUP PC Agent - already includes 1TB of cloud storage!

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All-In-One Local + Cloud Windows PC Backup

Take care of all your backup needs with the NovaBACKUP PC Agent.

Simplify the protection of your workstations, PCs, and laptops with Windows backup software to protect your business-critical data, videos, images, and more to the local storage device of your choice - such as an external hard drive or NAS - and also transferring your backup files to the secure NovaBACKUP Cloud (1TB of cloud storage is already included!).

Now with multiple copies of your backups, you are prepared for any data loss scenario. Has a file been deleted or has your entire PC stopped working? No problem, NovaBACKUP PC Agent will help you recover everything in minutes.


Why Choose NovaBACKUP is the Best PC Backup Software?

Everything Is Included

Complete Windows PC backup that includes everything you need for reliable local and cloud Windows backup of your workstations and laptops - at no extra cost.

Efficient Security

Protect your backups with high-end encryption, utilize backup storage more efficiently with backup file compression, and more convenient features that provide the best backup and recovery experience.

With the Best Support in the Industry

Our support team, based in the USA and Germany, has an average tenure of >10 years. They'll work closely with you to resolve your questions.

Computer Backup for Windows PCs Made Easy

NovaBACKUP PC Agent offers intuitive file and image backups, that can be automated in just a few simple steps.

Our Quick Start Guide will show you how to get started with your Windows backup so that your data is protected from the very first day with the best backup software.

Download & Install

Disaster Recovery

In the event of a catastrophic failure, every second counts. Rebuilding a system from scratch can take hours or even days to manually restore files, applications, and the operating system.

With NovaBACKUP's Disaster Recovery image backups, you can quickly and easily restore a PC to the same or completely new hardware (including the operating system and applications) all at once. Need to get your data back even faster? You can also mount a VHD(x) backup as a virtual machine.

File Recovery
Image Recovery
Mount as VM

Stay On Top of Your Backup Jobs

Receive helpful reports when your file backup jobs are complete. Customize your notifications to receive emails only when an error occurred or at any time after a backup job is finished.

Add scheduled summaries to easily manage multiple backup jobs. Quickly see an overview of all your backups on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Email Notifications

Team of Backup Experts

With NovaBACKUP, you have a team of backup experts at your side to make sure your data is always protected. Our U.S.-based support team is here to help, so you never have to face a disaster scenario alone.

Technical Support

NovaBACKUP PC Agent Features

Always included with your license.

Need to Protect Multiple Endpoints for Remote Workers?

If you want to protect PCs, workstations, laptops, and even servers for your remote workforce, check out our Endpoint Backup solution. No matter where employees are physically located, their data is secure and restorable.

Computer Backup Resources

Understanding PC Backup

PC Backup FAQs

Can I backup to the cloud?

Yes, 1TB of cloud storage is already included in your NovaBACKUP PC Agent subscription. 

If you'd like to add additional cloud storage, NovaBACKUP supports any S3-compatible cloud storage destination.

How do I add cloud storage?

When you sign up for your NovaBACKUP PC Agent subscription, you'll receive more information on how to get started with your 1TB NovaBACKUP Cloud storage. More details can be found in our Knowledgebase article here.

Can I specify files, folders, or types to exclude them from my backups?

Yes, when you create your backup job, you choose which files and folders to include or exclude from your backup job. You can also set up multiple backup jobs, for example, a daily job to back up your most important files and a monthly job for data you don't change very often.

Does the install or upgrades require a system reboot?

No, in most cases NovaBACKUP solutions do not require a reboot. In some cases, for example when you mount an image backup for the first time and use our software to restore individual files from the image, you may be prompted to reboot. 

If you do not reboot after installing our software, it will not interfere with the execution of backup and restore jobs.

Can I restore just a single file?

Absolutely. Any file or folder you backed up using the File Backup feature can be restored individually.

Also, if you created an image backup and saved it as a VHD(x) file, you can mount it as a virtual machine and then restore individual files from within the virtual machine.

Can I restore my entire PC to another PC?

That's where an image backup can help. Once you have performed an image backup (including the creation of the boot media), you can restore that image to different hardware.

Can I restore my entire PC to a virtual machine?

Yes, if you used the Image Backup feature to create a VHD(x) file, you can mount that file as a virtual machine.

Can I backup my phone?

No. NovaBACKUP does not currently support backing up to mobile phones, smartphones, or tablets. 

If you'd like to learn more about which operating systems are supported, take a look at our solutions here.

Is there any central reporting tool?

Yes, NovaBACKUP has an optional Central Management designed specifically for this task.

NovaBACKUP understands that administrators need to manage and monitor all backups centrally, from a single unified console accessible via a web browser. NovaBACKUP’s Central Management provides the backup status at a glance, giving you all backup details down to the file level. No matter where you are, you'll have the information you need to make critical backup decisions.

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“NovaBACKUP has saved me more than once. Very easy to use. I do weekly full image backups. This literally backs up the entire PC for an easy restore after a disaster like a failed hard drive. I highly recommend it!”
Paul Zimmerman
"It’s an easy-to-use system backup program. I'm not at all technically-minded, but with NovaBACKUP I can perform an entire backup without any complication or any of the errors others tend to have."
Vanessa Hyatt
It's fast and it works. I didn't know it until I bought it, but I am more than satisfied. Did I mention it was fast?”
Richard Parrow
“NovaBACKUP is easy to use and very fast. The personalized software service is the best I've ever had.”
Lee Stein
"NovaBACKUP is very simple to make an image of your drives and backups of selected files/directories. Restoring is also simple and fast. I have had to put the restore capabilities to test, and in all instances, it performed as expected and delivered flawless, accurate results."
Michael C. D.

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