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California Data Privacy Law: Understand the Impact to Your Business


Amid increasing concerns about digital privacy and the recently approved General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe, California’s legislature has enacted a new law to empower the state’s residents to claim their rights over personal data disclosed to companies in the U.S.

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8 Tools to Help Improve Data Security


Backup is more than important, it’s an absolute necessity. But every organization's data security requirements warrant a unique and flexible approach. As systems are added, decommissioned and upgraded complexities are created within the network for the Systems Administrator. This mean …

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Build a Relevant Data Retention Strategy


Do you have a well-thought-out backup strategy with policies for the retention and archival of important data? Does your current data-retention strategy truly address your organization's current need and legal requirements or was it more of an afterthought? Possibly your data retentio …

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Best Practices for your Backup Strategy

Backup Costs and Benefits

Everybody talks about backup strategies and backup concepts, but barely anyone explains those recovery strategies and concepts in detail (Download NovaBACKUP's Backup Strategy Guide). Let’s be honest, the backup is important, but it must be accessible when you need it and must restore …

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