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Spring Clean Your Backup: 7 Steps to Ensure Data Integrity

As the seasons change, it's not just our homes that could use a good spring cleaning – our digital spaces need attention too. Just like tidying up your physical space, maintaining your data backup is essential for keeping your information safe and secure. Here are seven simple steps t …

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The Win-Win-Win of Managed Backup Services

After nearly three decades in the data protection software business, I've seen plenty of major changes – in the technology itself, and in the way organizations acquire it. One of the most significant developments has been how subscription-based pricing models have overtaken perpetual …

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2024 Data Protection Trends & Predictions for SMBs

Data Protection Trends

As I sit here reading the various 2024 predictions from tech vendors, industry analysts, and experts that are popping up everywhere right now, I can't help but notice that this year's predictions are filled with Artificial Intelligence (AI) topics. AI to provide better insights, write …

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Measuring Backup Performance - Essential KPIs to Track

Measuring your backup performance may sound like a daunting task. But it doesn't have to be. Once you know what you need to track and understand how your backups are performing, it's actually quite painless. That's where Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) come in handy. They help you m …

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Upgrading with Confidence - Windows Server 2012 R2 End of Life

With every day that passes, the inescapable end draws closer: On October 10, 2023, the time has come, Windows Server 2012/R2 will finally lose its support. This has profound implications for the security of your IT infrastructure and the smooth running of your business processes. Do n …

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How to Follow the 3-2-1 Backup Rule


In a business, time is precious. Every minute lost due to downtime, results in lost revenue or possibly even closure. One security measure that can quickly restore productivity is your backup solution. It has the power to recover entire systems during a disaster scenario. It is the sy …

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Backup Migration Considerations


You’ve got every right to be concerned if you are in the position of moving your organization to a new backup solution. Your company’s data is at stake, and there’s few assets that are more important to a business. Usually organizations don’t opt to change backup software because they …

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Data retention: When should you back up, archive or delete?


While some businesses are already using data to foretell the future, others are still trying to figure out the basics of data management. As they grow, small and medium-sized businesses in particular will start finding that they are generating more data than they know what to do with. …

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How to Protect Your NAS from Ransomware


The number of malware variants that specifically target NAS devices appears to be on the rise. Fortunately, being proactive in taking common-sense precautions and utilizing the security features built into your NAS – can go a long way toward stopping Ransomware before it ever has a ch …

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Tips for Testing Backup Restorability


A backup is only as good as its restorability. And like Schrödinger’s cat, you may not know the status until you go have a look. We’ve all heard nightmares about that business who was hit with Ransomware then when it came time to restore – realized a bad state of affairs. Perhaps the …

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