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Remote installation and setup assistance by backup experts.

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At NovaBACKUP, we understand that many organizations are simply understaffed, with too much to do and not enough hands to do it all. But the good news is that getting started with your backup strategy doesn't have to be complicated or overwhelming.

NovaBACKUP comes with complimentary setup assistance. Let us help you set up your NovaBACKUP installation and backup jobs. Always included with NovaBACKUP Server Agent and our Managed Backup solutions.

"My engineers here at NovaBACKUP deal with all sorts of different backup and more importantly recovery needs each day.  From the small mom and pop shop with a single machine that their entire business runs on, all the way up to huge multinational corporations, everyone’s data is important and we treat it that way. We offer this service to our customers in order to ensure that things are setup the way you really need them to be, and make sure that any questions and concerns are handled now instead of when you have an emergency and need the data back."
Nathan Fouarge

VP of Strategic Solutions


Advantages of Setup Assistance

With Setup Assistance, you get the benefit of our backup expertise for everything from installation and setup, to custom backup configurations designed to fit your specific environment. You don’t have to be a backup expert with the NovaBACKUP team on your side.

  • Confidence knowing your backups are set up correctly
  • Opportunity to ask any questions you may have
  • Get your backups set up for your specific environment
  • One-on-one appointment with a backup expert
  • Learn about all of the important functions of NovaBACKUP software during the product walk-through

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