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NEW Software Review: PC World Magazine


We are excited to share with you that NovaBACKUP has received another positive software review! This time it comes from the highly-regarded PCWorld technology magazine and website. We're always grateful for this kind of feedback, including criticism, as it helps us to refine our solutions. This helps to better serve our partners and customers and contributes to spreading our global message of securing critical business data. 

What's particularly satisfying in this case is that the reviewer in this case really understood who the product was designed for. We've always aimed to create backup solutions that are accessible to businesses of all sizes. In this case, the reviewed product, NovaBACKUP PC, is ideal for small businesses endpoint protection, IT experts, and remote employees. 

"It's always exciting to see our hard work paying off. Our exclusive focus on backup gives our customers the confidence that data is restorable whenever and wherever they need it."
- Mike Andrews, CEO of NovaBACKUP

The review also highlighted all the hard work our development team has been putting into the product year over year. We always strive to improve NovaBACKUP, as seen through our regular updates and version release schedule. Especially with the latest major version that was launched in October 2022, numerous improvements and new features have been added.

PCWorld specifically called out our backup to VHD/VHDX feature, allowing users to access their backups even without NovaBACKUP software. VHDX files can even be mounted as a virtual machine within a customer's Microsoft Hyper-V hypervisor for fast access.

I love that NovaBackup supports creating Microsoft VHD and VHDX images. These formats can be opened and browsed using only Windows itself should you ever not have NovaBackup handy."
- PC World (Contributor: Jon Jacobi)

Since the review was published, we haven't slowed down. NovaBACKUP continues to work on making backup solutions even more capable and flexible for different environments. For example, we have a new backup option for users of Microsoft 365 who see the importance of securing their SaaS collaborative data. And for those managing their customer's backups, our Central Management has undergone numerous improvements to remotely monitor and administer client backup jobs. We've also recently added the ability to add 3rd-party cloud storage devices (using the Amazon S3 format) in all of our endpoint and server backup products. These are just a few of many enhancements to our product portfolio that we've made to ensure that NovaBACKUP remains the best backup solution on the market.

We're incredibly grateful for the positive review and for all the support we continue to receive from our customers.

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