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Recent Updates

Current NovaBACKUP Version: 19.5.1812
Latest Release Date: 06/17/20

With the latest NovaBACKUP software update you can choose to add cloud storage to your license. If you need more, upgrading is easy. Add another layer of protection for your photos, videos, emails, documents, projects and any files you have in your computer or server.

NovaBACKUP Cloud 19.5

Why are cloud backups are paramount for optimal data protection?

  • It supports the 3-2-1 Backup Rule, which states: Have 3 copies of your data; stored on 2 different types formats (i.e. tape, disk, cloud, etc.), with 1 kept off-site (cloud for example).
  • It’s also easy to access and cost-effective. Shield yourself and your business from ransomware, disasters, hardware crashes, computer theft and accidental deletion by quickly restoring your data at any time.
  • Save resources and storage space. Our cloud storage is affordable and scalable.
  • Stay compliant with industry regulations like HIPAA, FERPA and GLBA. All data stored in the NovaBACKUP Cloud is encrypted, compressed and hosted in our secure US data center.

Cloud Storage Buckets for PCs
Pick 50GB, 100GB, 250GB, 500GB, 1TB or more. The amount of cloud storage is attached to your NovaBACKUP license. If you are using a 5-pack PC license for your family for example, the cloud storage plan can be shared with all users.

FREE: All PC licenses include 5GB and you can add more as you need it. 

Cloud Storage Buckets for Servers
Pick from a total of 100GB, 250GB, 500GB, 1TB, 2TB or 5TB. The amount of cloud storage is attached to your NovaBACKUP license.

Follow these steps to start using NovaBACKUP Cloud:

  1. Download and install NovaBACKUP 19.5 by clicking here
    Your settings and backup jobs will remain the same.
  2. Click on Cloud Backup
  3. Choose the amount of cloud storage, then click on “Add Cloud Storage”
More Recently Added Features:
  • Added support for Windows 10 April 2020 Cumulative Update (version 1909).
  • Added support for Microsoft SQL Server 2019.
  • Added support for Microsoft Exchange 2019.
  • Cloud backup account creation and login flow optimized in CMon. 
Click here to check out all the changes and fixes.

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