NovaBACKUP Central Management

Remote Central Management and Monitoring for NovaBACKUP

Manage and monitor all your NovaBACKUP installations remotely, from any device.

What can the NovaBACKUP Central Management do?

Instant Backup Status

Backup job status at a glance via a customized dashboard and email notifications. 

Remote Backup Management and Monitoring 

Manage one or thousands of backup jobs from a single central, web-based interface, no matter where you are. All you need is an internet connection.

Define Management Roles 

Create users with unique access privileges and control visibility into all backup jobs.

Higher Level of Confidence

Stay one step ahead of potential threats like ransomware, hardware failure, and disaster by monitoring your applications and being notified in real time about the statuses of your backups.


Protect Critical Data Remotely 

Use Cases for a Centrally Managed Backup Strategy

IT Admins

An IT administrator manages the backup of critical data for multiple departments in multiple office locations and even for remote workers. With NovaBACKUP Central Management, off-site backup management and monitoring is easy. The Central Management is a web-based application, so IT Administrators can manage and monitor all their NovaBACKUP installations from wherever there is internet access, using a standard internet browser.


An IT Service Provider offers the installation and setup of NovaBACKUP software at their customers’ locations. With the Central Management, they can now manage and monitor whether all backups at the customers’ locations are executing properly, and set up new backup jobs, without needing to visit the site. They know immediately when a backup fails or if one of their clients doesn’t backup within a defined period.

Managed Service Provider (MSP)

An MSP offers a specialized package of software and services to a vertical market. Their full-service contract includes setup, training, support, upgrades, and maintenance of the software. In order to verify secure data protection, they integrate the Central Management remote monitoring and management software into their environment to ensure backup completion. They are also able to create, view, and delete backup jobs for their clients remotely.

Small/Medium Business

A small business has a few employees with PCs and a web server, and the Owner/IT Admin/wearer-of-many-hats wants to easily keep track of the backup status of all their business data. With NovaBACKUP Central Management they can rest easy, knowing that they can set up or delete any backup jobs on the fly, be alerted of any issues, and can see the details of their backup jobs at a glance, from anywhere.

Are you responsible for the backups of multiple machines?

We are here to help make your life as easy as possible. Schedule a time below that works for you, and one of our engineers will show you how the NovaBACKUP Central Management can streamline your backup plan.

“I created several new backup jobs and have them scheduled for automated backup. The biggest benefit to me is having a single place to manage all my backup routines.”

Brady Scott 
Information Services Manager

“With NovaBACKUP's licensing, we’ve got our money back on all of the software and the hardware already and at this point, the more people we get on board the better our margins get.”

Andrew Thomas 
Technical Services Manager, Fred IT Group

“NovaBACKUP is better than any other desktop backup software that I have used or seen in the marketplace today.”

Tyler Jameson 
Small Business Owner