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What You Need to Know about Data Restoration [INFOGRAPHIC]

User errors, cyberattacks and natural disasters are becoming real risks for businesses across the world. Rather than wait for the inevitable, you should prepare now to ensure that your systems are ready to handle the potential fallout. By understanding the consequences involved, you'll be able to head down the path toward data restoration and acquire the best solution for your needs.

More organizations are being hit by disaster situations. In fact, 74 percent of businesses have experienced data loss and 16 percent never recover. Even in the cloud, 47 percent have lost important information. To make matters worse, many companies don't have a reliable backup medium for their data restoration efforts, and only 35 percent have a recovery plan in place. There are 140,000 hard drive crashes every week. If this were to happen to your organization, you may be among the ones that are unable to restore their systems and recoup their losses. As we've seen in many of the past disaster events, businesses have not only taken a hit to their revenue, but they also saw a negative impact on their customer retention. Small organizations cannot afford for these costs to happen.

These numbers tell us one thing: You need to have a data restoration service that enables you to access your important files after you've been compromised. With a solution from NovaStor, you'll be able to easily recover and manage your backups regardless of where they're stored. This will not only make it much easier to regain your data, but also give you peace of mind that you're prepared for anything. For more about how NovaBACKUP can help your data restoration efforts, contact us today!

Path to data restoration

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