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Leverage the Cloud and Simplify Backup

Most organizations are now generating important business data from a wide range of systems, various applications (locally hosted as well as SaaS), and different physical locations. This can make it a challenge to protect and manage all backup data via a single solution. Additionally a …

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NEW Software Review: PC World Magazine

We are excited to share with you that NovaBACKUP has received another positive software review! This time it comes from the highly-regarded PCWorld technology magazine and website. We're always grateful for this kind of feedback, including criticism, as it helps us to refine our solut …

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World Backup Day: Mitigate Human Error

On any day of the week we can open the news and see a headline about the latest hack, ransomware attack or data breach. This fuels the perception that threats to your data are primarily external. The truth, while less headline-worthy, is actually that human error is the overwhelming c …

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7 Things You Must Do On World Backup Day

World Backup Day

It’s that time of year again when you hear a lot from data protection companies, touting the importance of World Backup Day. Is it important for you? Like many things, it’s all about what you make of it. But If you aren’t turning this day into a useful tool for your business, honestly …

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Microsoft 365 Backup Best Practices

In the modern business landscape, cloud-based SaaS applications such as Microsoft 365 have become indispensable collaborative tools for organizations – whether they are an IT provider, corporation, or non-profit. They facilitate communication and productivity regardless of where emplo …

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How to Follow the 3-2-1 Backup Rule


In a business, time is precious. Every minute lost due to downtime, results in lost revenue or possibly even closure. One security measure that can quickly restore productivity is your backup solution. It has the power to recover entire systems during a disaster scenario. It is the sy …

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Navigating The Newest Data Privacy Regulations

Businesses is changing! New ways of delivering value are being made possible through processes such as digital transformation. As industries worldwide integrate new technologies into their environment, the result is often significantly more data being generated, stored and shared digi …

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Backup Migration Considerations


You’ve got every right to be concerned if you are in the position of moving your organization to a new backup solution. Your company’s data is at stake, and there’s few assets that are more important to a business. Usually organizations don’t opt to change backup software because they …

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The Latest Data Protection Trends

Recent years have been nothing less than historic for technology providers and businesses across the board. While many organizations have faced economic challenges, others have benefited from shifting technology, for example, remote work. As we move into 2023, facing new trials relate …

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Data retention: When should you back up, archive or delete?


While some businesses are already using data to foretell the future, others are still trying to figure out the basics of data management. As they grow, small and medium-sized businesses in particular will start finding that they are generating more data than they know what to do with. …

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