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Simplifying Small Business Backup with FREE Setup Assistance

by Bridget.Giacinto, on Jun 5, 2015 12:11:34 PM

At NovaStor, we understand that many small businesses are simply short staffed with too much to do and not enough hands to do it all. We get it. We know that you understand the value of protecting your data, after all it's what keeps your business running. Yet, we also recognize that not every company has a team, or even a single dedicated IT professional on-hand to ensure that their data is properly protected. That’s why at NovaStor, we are stepping up to help, by offering our server-level customers free Setup Assistance. This is our way of simplifying small business backup.

Simplifying small business backupSimplifying small business backup.

With Setup Assistance you get to benefit from our backup expertise, for everything from installation and setup, to custom backup configurations designed to fit your specific environment. We’ll set you up with a one-on-one appointment where our highly trained, local support technician will remotely install your software for you, get your backup jobs properly setup and configured, and give you a walk-through of NovaBACKUP, so you are ready to go from day one. If that is not a time saver, I don’t know what is.

Service that Goes Above and Beyond

This level of service and support is unique in this industry, especially when it comes to small businesses. Our entire focus here at NovaStor is on helping small businesses protect their data…it’s what we do.

We value our customers and want to give them a level of service and support that they simply cannot get anywhere else. When you purchase any of our NovaBACKUP Server, Business Essentials or NAS products, you get a full year of support from knowledgeable in-house support technicians, upgrade protection and setup assistance – for free.

Focus on Small Businesses

While many companies are turning to overseas support to save a buck, we are providing local support above and beyond what other companies are willing to offer. We are investing in our customers because we want them to be successful. Not everyone is a backup expert, nor do we expect them to be. It is our job to keep your business protected, so you can focus on growing your business. After all, it is small businesses that make up the backbone of the U.S. economy and help our great Country to thrive. At NovaStor, we believe that these small and medium-sized businesses truly represent “the rest of us,” which is why our motto is “Backup for the rest of us.”

Small businesses are vital to the growth and prosperity of our economy and we want to do everything we can to help them keep their data protected. After all, 70% of small businesses surveyed reported that a single loss in data could have a significant and costly impact on their business. Moreover, 74% of organizations have actually experienced data loss at the workplace. With an estimated impact of $15,000 a day cost, it’s no wonder that 16% of companies that experience a loss of data never recover. View our infographic for more stats on data loss.

Your business is NOT too small for us to help. While you may get the run-around from the BIG name backup software companies because your business is simply too small to warrant their time and attention, NovaStor is standing out in the crowd, by giving small businesses what they need: someone to help them get their backups setup properly, someone to help them when they have questions, someone to help them when they need to recover their lost files, and someone to help them when they need to make changes to their backup configurations. That is not to say that small businesses are not capable of handling these tasks on their own (as the software is actually very easy to use), it's just that many small businesses simply don't have the time.

If your business experiences a data loss and you need to recover your data, what would you rather experience, long wait times to an overseas call center that uses scripts to try to resolve an issue they truly don’t understand, or local support from a knowledgeable technician who can remote into your system for you and help you to recover and restore your data so you can quickly get back to business?

Only 35% of small and medium sized businesses have a comprehensive disaster recovery plan in place. If I had to speculate why, I would say lack of time and expertise would be at the top of the list. View our infographic on small business backup for more information.

Our Dedication to Helping You

If you choose NovaBACKUP as your backup solution, we give you our time and expertise, so you don’t have to go at it alone. We believe that by helping you get your backups properly setup, showing you the ins and outs of our product and offering you market-leading support with remote disaster recovery assistance, that you will not only love your products, you will tell your friends and colleagues. We hope we can simplify small business backup for you and are dedicated to helping you protect your business, so it can grow and thrive.

To learn more about NovaBACKUP products, view our product overview page.

Our Dedication to Resellers

We also work really closely with IT Resellers and technology integrators for who work with small and medium sized businesses. In partnership with them, we offer Setup Assistance in a few different ways. For resellers who are new to NovaBACKUP, Setup Assistance provides valuable savings in terms of the amount of time they need to dedicate to setup, as NovaStor does the installation and configures the initial backups to ensure the security of all of their clients' data from day one. This gives resellers additional time to spend on servicing their clients' additional needs, while still being able to bill for services rendered. Our aim is to help them, help you.

For clients who have their own onsite network administrators, NovaStor is able to walk them through the setup process – involving the reseller as much or as little as is their desire. For resellers with familiarity and training on the NovaBACKUP product line, they always have the option to decline Setup Assistance if so desired, which allows them to offer this service to their clients as a value-added service instead.

To learn more about our Partner program, visit our become a Channel Partner page.


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