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Backup, Archive or Delete: Exploring Data Retention [Video]

by Bridget.Giacinto, on Jan 25, 2016 9:45:26 AM

Businesses are receiving more data than ever, and every piece must be evaluated to determine whether it should be backed up, stored or deleted.



Let's take a look to see where each part stacks up:

Back it up: Any mission-critical data or necessary information that could be recreated should be backed up. If you need it to operate, it falls into this category.

Archive: This category includes rarely accessed data like taxes and other documents that must legally be kept for a certain amount of time before deletion.

Delete it: Any legacy documents or useless data should be deleted to make room for new information.

For more on managing your backups, view our guide to Building a Better Backup Strategy. Stay tuned with NovaBACKUP.

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