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Deploy and Configure Backup Remotely


Employees are increasingly working from remote locations, thus creating new security vulnerabilities. Monitoring and managing the data generated by these offsite workers is an entirely new challenge as data becomes more widely distributed. System administrators must be able to quickly deploy and configure data-protection solutions and initiate backup jobs in order to help safeguard these endpoints. Likewise, IT providers must be able to quickly roll out solutions to clients without spending unnecessary time onsite. Today we illustrate how to silently and automatically deploy and configure backup software, complete with a demonstration.

Recent Trends

All of a sudden critical data isn’t confined within the corporate network. Businesses are going through major growing pains as users connect from insecure access points from laptops at home. Those who weren’t set up with VPNs and other security measures before are having to quickly make adjustments. Predictably we're seeing a large increase in ransomware and cybercrime attacks take place. Small businesses are being hit especially hard because they make easy targets, and the potential loss of their data presents such dramatic risk. We're also seeing an increased risk for MSPs as cybercrime targets, as their reputation and client base make for excellent blackmail leverage.

Delivery Methods

There are numerous ways in which backup deployment may be performed. NovaBACKUP's installer, for example, can take advantage of Powershell, Active Directory Group Policy, PDQdeploy, or really almost any RMM. Even old-school batch scripting is possible if that's how the sysadmin prefers to roll it out.

What Can Be Accomplished

So what can we get done during this process? Certainly, install and uninstall backup clients. We can also select many options to be set as defaults within the software. We could configure an editable script for a template backup job using environment variables to schedule the initial backup. We can even run these jobs via the command line. This ability is already built into NovaBACKUP software.

Central Monitoring

Our CMon dashboard is a completely free piece of software that you can download to make life easier when dealing with your backup clients. It can be installed locally on your side, and from there you can manage - or create management roles for others to utilize. It allows you to monitor backups, set up alerts, and notifications, and review history, and backup logs. You can even add and configure devices from here. If you are operating as an MSP we host it right here for you. More exciting things are to come as we continue its development!


Watch as we demonstrate below a scenario in which you would deploy a backup remotely. You can also view the entire webinar here.


You have many choices when it comes to backup software and how you deploy it. In our experience, the ability most desired by system administrators is the flexibility to deploy, configure, and manage data protection in the manner that best suits them. NoveBACKUP works hands-on with businesses and IT providers to refine their deployment strategy to get backups of critical data taking place wherever it resides.

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