NovaBACKUP Software | Data Backup

Local & Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery for Professional Offices,
MSPs and IT Service Providers


For PCs

For Servers

For Service Providers

1,3, or 5 Users
NovaBACKUP Server
with Business Essentials
For MSPs and IT
Service Providers

Operating Systems

Windows PCs and Laptops
Windows Servers  

Data Backup Product Features


Backup Target Devices

Local Disk, NAS, 
Single Tape, and RDX
S3 Compatible Storage Devices
NovaBACKUP Cloud

Supported Applications

Virtual Machines
VMware and Hyper-V
Microsoft SQL    
Microsoft Exchange    

Management and Monitoring

Central Monitoring
Console (CMon)
User Account
Self-Hosted Cloud      

Support and Upgrades (NovaCare)

US Based Support
Free Upgrades
Setup Assistance Optional
Starting at: $49.95 /Year

$199.95 /Year

(or $499.95)

$299.95 /Year

(or $799.95)

Charged by Usage
Min. $250 per month


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