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Small Business Backup Infographic

FACT: Only 35% of small businesses have a comprehensive disaster recovery plan in place. With so many options available for data protection, why are so many small businesses falling short when it comes to fully protecting their data?

The reality is, that many backup solutions are overly complicated, offer limited support using template answers from overseas call centers, and have complicated licensing structures with hidden add-on costs. Knowing what to look for in a small business backup solution, will help you to ask the right questions so that you find the right solution for your business.

Small Business Backup Infographic

When it comes to data protection, there is no reason to become part of the 62% of IT professionals who experience data loss or the 33% that reported profit loss as a result. Learn what your small business needs to look for now to meet both your technology and business needs. Determine what is important to your specific company and seek out solutions that meet your needs.

With small business backup solutions like NovaBACKUP, there is no excuse for not protecting your business data. NovaBACKUP Corporation specializes in small business backup with free installation and setup assistance, local in-house technical support, simple licensing, award-winning backup software, and all-inclusive pricing that is affordable for small businesses. Feel free to download a free trial and test it for yourself.

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