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How to Simplify Data Protection with Centralized Backup

NovaBACKUP CMC DashboardCentralized backups allows IT managers, service providers and resellers to manage and monitor all backups for their users or clients from a single remote location. Utilizing the web-based NovaBACKUP Central Management Console (CMC), client installations of NovaBACKUP can be installed and managed from anywhere with internet access. All backups can be automated and monitored to ensure that they are working properly. Notifications can also be set up so that if a backup fails on one of the clients, the administrator can remotely setup or modify backup jobs. If administrators receive notice of a deleted file or files, they have the ability to remotely run a restore of lost files.

CMC includes a dashboard for a quick view of the most important figures, giving admins an immediate status snapshot of all connected NovaBACKUP installations and offers simplified wizards to help them create, delete, modify and schedule backup jobs.

The console offers an easy drill down option that allows administrators to access the file system of a single NovaBACKUP instance to select specific files and folders as well as selecting from SQL, Exchange, or specific virtual machines.

Videos on Using NovaBACKUP CMC

Part 1:

Check out this video for step by step instructions on how to set up the Central Management Console.

This CMC installation video covers:

  1. How to install NovaBACKUP CMC
  2. How to access CMC through your web-browser using Microsoft Silverlight
  3. How to run the application out of your browser
  4. How to create a short-cut icon on your desktop
  5. How to create Users and Roles for the Central Management Console

Part 2:

Check out this video for information on how to use the Central Management Console.

This second video in the CMC instructional series covers:

  1. Setting up Agents and Groups
  2. Performing a Backup from the CMC
  3. Performing a Restore from the CMC
  4. Logging
  5. Adding a device
  6. Performing a Virtual Machine Backup from the CMC

Centralized Backup Trial Download

If you have not downloaded CMC, I recommend downloading the trial of NovaBACKUP CMC so that you can follow along. Download NovaBACKUP CMC now.

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