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Seven Devastating Consequences of Data Loss


As society has adapted to technology and learned how to rely more on computers and mobile devices, there are few that haven’t dealt with the devastating reality of losing an important file or document.  Whether it’s video of your baby’s first birthday party, a PowerPoint presentation you put together for work or a 10-page research paper, the results are the same.  The data is gone, your mind is completely blown and frustration levels are high.  It may seem impossible that something as reliable as a computer can fail you and not offer any type of solution, but it’s the cold, hard reality of relying on technology for so many things.

How can you avoid these tragedies that are increasingly common for those who believe computers are invincible?  It’s a fairly simple concept; perform a regular backup of all your important files.  Whether you run a small business, work for a large corporation or are a stay at home mother with four young children, the idea is the same.  Data backup is the only way to avoid losing the electronic files that are most important to you and your future.

Real Life Statistics Regarding Data Loss

If you still aren’t convinced of the importance of regularly using a PC backup software, consider the real-life and very serious consequences that many have experienced when files aren’t backed up regularly.

  1. Of businesses that have a major fire that involves the loss of data, 30% close their doors within a year, and 70% go out of business within five years.
  2. 70% of small business firms that experience a data loss close their doors permanently within one year.
  3. 25% of all personal computer users lose some type of data each year.
  4. Of companies that have a serious data loss, 94% end up going out of business, with 43% never opening again and 51% closing within two years of the loss.
  5. Of the companies that lost data for more than 10 days, 93% filed for bankruptcy less than a year later.  50% of those companies that did not have some type of data management also filed for bankruptcy immediately after the data loss.
  6. 77% of companies that use tapes to backup their information tested the tapes and found some sort of failure with their backups.
  7. Most workstations are not backed up sufficiently.

How You Can Avoid Devastating Data Loss

Data can be lost due to a hard drive failure, a virus, a theft or any other occurrence that renders your computer unusable.  Many situations lead to the wiping out of your entire system, including all your important files and documents, whether they’ve been backed up or not.

Your important data, both professional and personal, can be preserved with flexible backup software set up to run on an automatic recurring schedule.  No matter what your data needs are, NovaBACKUP recognizes the importance of your files and can help you create a backup system that gives you peace of mind and helps you sleep at night.

From protecting your scanned family photos from decades ago to increased security for the thousands of customers you service every day, backup software ensures that you are always able to access the things that are most important to your past and your future.