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How to Quickly Remove Duplicate Files

remove duplicate files

It seems like every time I plug my camera (or iPhone for that matter) into my computer I create a new folder with yet another duplicate copy of my pictures. I know I'm given the option to delete all of the files from my camera after copying them to my computer, but for some reason I never do so. What I have come to realize is that by not addressing the issue, I have wasted an enormous amount of disk space and inadvertently allowed my computer to suffer from free disk space issues.  Over the years I have allowed the issue to compounded resulting in what one could call a junk-yard of duplicate photos that are now overtaking my computer. The truth is, just the thought of manually cleaning out and organizing my duplicate files is just too overwhelming and as a result never happens.

If that wasn't bad enough, the very fact that I am backing up my PC, means that I am creating even more duplication. Yet the last thing I want is to have my PC crash and not be able to recover my photos. The reality is, my duplicate files are using up more storage space on my PC than it should, and my backups are taking up more space on my backup drive and I simply cannot ignore the issue any longer. If I was paying to back up my files to the cloud, this duplication could be costly.

The Quick Fix for Duplicate Files

Thankfully there is a simple solution to remove duplicate image files, called Easy Duplicate Finder. This software provides a quick fix for addressing how to remove duplicate files by allowing you to run a free scan of your PC and easily handle duplicate files. The software allows you to do a complete scan of your PC or select the file type to look for duplicate files with common file extensions. Here are some of the more common supported photo and graphic formats:

  • .jpg
  • .tiff
  • .png
  • .gif
  • .bmp

Using a byte-by-byte method, the software is able to analyze the entire contents of your images in order to find files that are truly identical. Once your duplicate files are located, you will be able to sort them and then delete, rename, copy or move your duplicate image files with ease. As an added bonus, once you free up disk space by deleting duplicate file, you will also experience a faster PC.

Once you have removed your duplicate files, you can backup your PC with the assurance that you are not wasting unnecessary storage space.