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Understanding Your PC Backup Software Needs


As computers and software become more versatile and flexible, consumers are able to closely tailor how they use their equipment and software in their everyday lives. Because each consumer is different and has different needs, it only makes sense that the data backup needs of each individual would be different. The needs of a young mother of three in protecting her important photos and videos will be much different than a corporate executive who works from home on the weekends. It’s a good thing that manufacturers of PC backup software like NovaBACKUP understand these different needs and tailor programs and options to fit each individual customer.

The Basics of Data Backup

You’ll have three choices when you go to back up your important data.

• Full
• Incremental
• Differential

Full backups are perfect for the inexperienced computer user and for the typical home computer. Many consumers avoid data backup because they fear they don’t understand how to use the equipment, but the reality is that data backup is fairly simple.

Incremental backups will backup any files that have been changed since your last backup. These require less storage space and are typically completed more quickly, but are often more difficult to restore because you must work with both your original backup and each incremental backup since then.

Differential backups also backup files that have been updated since your last backup. These backups require more storage space but are also restored much faster.

Flexible Options in PC Backup Software

In order to meet the needs of every consumer, PC backup software may contain the following options, allowing you to pick and choose exactly how your data backup works.

Files-In-Use Backup – This option allows your computer to back up data even when it is in use. This is an important option for any files that are likely to change throughout the day. Consumers who work from home or those with changing projects will benefit most from this tool.

Complete System Backup – This type of backup saves a copy of everything on your hard drive. Your registry, drivers, operating system, data files, and software applications are all included in the backup, providing you with the option of completely restoring your equipment to a specific point in time.

One-Click System Backup Capability – This tool simplifies the lives of many novice computer users, but allows you to completely back up your system with one click of your mouse.

Increase Your Security Level

For those with more advanced needs, the following options can often be added to your backup software.

Data Compression – Compresses your data into smaller forms in order to give you more space for storage.

File Filtering – Provides you with the option to filter your files before backup. For example, you can choose to back up all picture files on your computer with one click.

Encryption and Password Protection – Protect your important data backups with a password similar to how you protect your first copy. Anything that is protected on your computer should also be protected in your backup plan.

The Importance of Data Backup

Regardless of whether your needs are simple or complex, a full data backup strategy is an important part of putting your mind at ease. NovaBACKUP offers backup software solutions for every consumer.