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Flood, Fire & More: How Backup Software Keeps You Safe


Most American homes have at least one computer, and many have two or three.  As mobile devices and tablets become more popular, consumers are also choosing to save important files and folders in places where they are always accessible.  Unfortunately, convenience doesn’t always come with built-in safety measures, and it’s left up to you to protect and store your data.  Your iPhone may seem to have the ability to feed the hungry and your laptop may seem invincible, but reality is much different than the fantasy that has been created.  This is why backup software is so important on a professional level and in the home, even if a file or folder from work never makes it through the cyber door.

Floods, Tornadoes and Storms, Oh My!

No matter where you live, the elements will find you.  Basements can flood, fires can erupt and windstorms can remove shingles and windows, leaving your computers and other devices vulnerable to damage.  Moisture from a storm or flood can completely destroy a hard drive that is in its path, and you’ll lose every picture and video you have in an instant.

Have Children?  Need Backup

Kids are like little Houdinis, and manage to get into things they shouldn’t physically be able to enter.  You can lock the office door or hide your folders in a special place, and they will find them.  They seem to have some sort of internal beam that sends them directly to the things you most want them to avoid.

Accidental deletions are common with home computers and devices.  While your teenagers play games on the computer, they may also unknowingly be deleting your important files to make room for their newest characters and downloads.

Accidents happen. In a matter of seconds that cup of coffee could turn into the heat seeking missile that literally wipes out your hard drive. If that happens, here are a few tips to help you save your laptop from liquid damage.

Viruses that are Designed to Destroy

Viruses can bog down your computer and make it next to impossible to login to access your data.  Once your computer hits a certain point, experts may advise you to completely wipe your hard drive and start over.  Unfortunately, you won’t have a chance to go in and save all your important data before the virus attacks.

Smaller Devices make it Easier for Thieves

Theft isn’t a new concept, but it’s becoming easier for thieves to grab smaller devices that can be sold quickly.  Laptops, mobile devices and home computers are always susceptible to theft.  Once your computer is taken, along with all your family pictures, home videos and personal information, you’re not likely to call the thief and ask him to send you a backup of all your information before selling your computer.  While protecting your devices is important, you’re never fully exempt from the risks associated with theft of these expensive devices.

Computer Failure Does Happen

Even computers have their own form of Kryptonite, and they may throw in the towel at times.  The older your computer, the more likely it is to malfunction, but even newer systems have been known to fail every once in awhile.  Even if your device is under warranty and is replaced by the manufacturer, your data doesn’t magically reappear without a lot of time and money.

Data Backup Protection is Easy

At Novastor, we offer a variety of backup software products that make it easy for you to regularly backup all your important data.  We may not be able to save you from the sticky hands of your toddlers or the storm at your door, but we can help you ensure that your important data is protected no matter where it’s stored.