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Cyber Security: Tips for Your Small Business

Your network is too secure, said no one… ever! As IT environments become more complex its becoming increasingly important to make sure our systems are protected. Over the years, there has been a huge increase in the amount of cyber-attacks primarily because of a lack of visibility as well as gaps in protection.


According to there are over 4,000 cyber-attacks every day, 170 attacks every hour, or nearly three attacks every minute.

More surprising than that, over 80% of cyber-attacks can easily be prevented by using some pretty basic security measures.Knowing what you’re facing is very important in staying on top of cyber security.


IBM: How Data Breaches Occur IBM: How Data Breaches Occur

As threats become more sophisticated every year, it’s very important to identify which ones apply to you or your business and develop a realistic plan to combat them. Another critical aspect of keeping your data protected is making sure your programs, operating system, as well as anti-virus software stay up to date. Most systems and software offer an “automatic update” option, enabling that feature can save you a lot of headache and make sure that your systems stay equipped with the latest technology available.

The number one reason for data breaches is a poor password. Passwords, similar to a lock on our front door is the first line of defense against intruders and hackers. One of the best ways to go about keeping passwords protected is to use a different one for each account and don’t share it with anyone. Remember, if it’s easy for you to remember it’s just as easy for someone to guess.

Bringing back words like retention and encryption, backup is essential in defending your data and IT environment. Doing regular backups and encrypting the data with the help of NovaBACKUP makes sure you’re fully prepared if a threat does come your way. As important as it is to backup and keep critical data safe, it’s equally important to remove unnecessary data in your backup plan. Having a retention plan makes it easy to increase the amount of available storage space, and save yourself time when it comes to pinpointing and restoring the items you need. NovaBACKUP comes with retention options to help remove data that you no longer need.

Ensuring your company’s cyber security can be a tough job. No two IT environments are identical; your company’s Cyber Security Strategy should be customized to fit your businesses unique needs. The only way to define your own strategy and checklist are to get dialogue going and research what threats directly apply to your organization. NovaStor backup engineers are available to assess your environment, and make recommendations on a course of action. Setup a free personal test drive of NovaBACKUP today.