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Backup Your Backup in the Cloud

by Bridget.Giacinto, on Apr 7, 2015 9:15:32 AM

The worldwide cloud storage market is skyrocketing, as is the data that has fueled its growth. By 2018, over 2 billion consumers will be using cloud storage. In the business world, over $30 billion will be spent on cloud computing globally by the end of 2015. The industry is exploding...but yet there is still confusion. If you are considering taking the plunge into cloud backup, but are still confused by what cloud backup actually means, we can help!

Check out this infographic to learn about what is and is NOT cloud backup, get fun facts about the size of our digital universe, stats on cloud storage adoption, free cloud storage options, and 5 easy steps on how to backup your backup in the cloud.

Cloud Backup Infographic

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What is Cloud Backup?

Cloud backup refers to the backup of data transferred over the internet utilizing offsite storage on cloud-based servers, which allow data to be accessed on demand via the internet from cloud computing service providers.

What is NOT Cloud Backup?

File sharing services like Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive are NOT backup, they are cloud storage and they provide file syncing services. However, you can use cloud storage to backup your backup in the cloud.

For more information on backing up your backup in the cloud using free cloud storage, check out our blog post on how to backup your backup to cloud file syncing services.

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