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Backup for the Rest of Us - Why NovaBACKUP's Claim is Unique


Over the years, thousands of marketing messages have come and gone - all with a goal of trying to present NovaBACKUP to the world as we thought we needed to be seen – a competitive alternate solution.  All the while, we allowed ourselves to overlook the simple message of “who we are” and “what we represent”.  Through this exercise in self-discovery, we’ve learned that we’re actually “NOT” the challenger, but in fact, we are the leader in a market that is, unbeknownst to itself starving to be led.   

Backup for the Rest of Us!

What does that mean?  The term “Rest of Us” can be looked at in several ways (positive and negative) and that was our intention – to get people thinking.  NovaBACKUP’s usage of the term “Rest of Us” actually represents the majority.  The majority in this case is Small Business (our definition 1-100 employees).

The perception of small business is blurred.  Most people envision this professional office environment filled with energy and high spirits, that is utilizing the latest technology supported by a technically savvy team – living the American dream.  In reality, most small businesses owners are understaffed, over stressed and always reinventing themselves to keep up with market demands.  They are experts in their field and can only have one focus – the business they run.  They are not always experts when it comes to IT or backup.  They are aware that they require backup of some sort to protect their critical data, but lack the basic knowledge, time and resources to do anything about it.

NovaBACKUP's support team works with backup and data recovery issues daily.  This is what we do and what we’ve excelled at as a company for many years.  We understand that our customers only have to implement a backup solution maybe only a few times in their career.  Why should they be expected to figure out the tools they need and then be able to design and build their own backup and disaster recovery plan and infrastructure.  Why should they have to know the difference between an incremental and differential backup.  We understand that our customers are good at what they do – and they should continue doing JUST that!

We are backup experts.  We have never attempted to erect the buildings that we’re housed in, we don’t cut each others hair, we don’t write prescriptions or provide medical advice, we don’t apply tattoos and we will never offer to repair your car.  We go to the experts in these fields when we want these things and that may be where you’re the expert.  Just like you, we aim to succeed in finding the best value, service and ongoing relationships for each of these things, just like “the Rest of Us”.

I’m very confident in saying that “nobody" can service this market better or even come close to what NovaBACKUP Corporation has to offer:

  • Value – We offer the best value by far.  This is the only “Single Solution” that you need to protect your business.  Every feature, function or agent that you need to protect your business data today and in the future are included in this single package.  Our award winning solutions have been protecting small business customers for decades.

  • Have It All – Physical server backup, virtual server backup, backup for Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SQL, Image (snapshot)/file level/copy backup functions, professional service and support.

  • Free Consulting – Call one of our on-staff local backup experts to review your current architecture and receive their recommendations on what (if anything) you need to properly protect your data.

  • Free Installation – If you purchase a backup product from NovaBACKUP Corporation, we will immediately schedule a time to have one of our experts install the product for you, thus removing the stress and guesswork surrounding this task from your to-do list.

  • Free Phone/Email Support – For a period of one year after your purchase, NovaBACKUP Corporation’s local support experts are here to help with any issues that you may encounter.  Additional years may be purchased.

  • Free Upgrade Protection – For a period of one year after your purchase, you will receive any new product enhancements or releases at no additional charge.  Additional years may be purchased.

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee – No questions asked.  There’s no reason to have cold feet.

Please feel free to contact me directly,, to share any thoughts, experiences and requests.

So farewell until next time, when the “Rest of Us” meet again!