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Protect your critical data locally and on the cloud backup storage of your choice.

Backup in the Cloud: Local and Cloud Backup Solutions

Backing up to cloud destinations has become a critical piece of an organization’s strategy to continually and automatically protect their critical data. Many organizations rely on a cloud platform with workloads that span across local storage and multiple cloud storage locations.

Cloud backup is a type of offsite backup to cloud-based servers hosted by cloud storage providers (public or private), or hosted in your own data center. Cloud backup allows companies to store a secondary copy of their data at a remote location to protect against data loss.

While public and private cloud offer their own set of pros and cons, hybrid cloud backup allow for the best of both worlds: you can store non-sensitive data in a public cloud, while keeping confidential data private.

NovaBACKUP's cloud backup solutions enable organizations to maintain local and offsite cloud based backups by offering products that support a wide range of cloud backup strategies, including hybrid cloud backup.

NovaBACKUP offers three cloud backup solutions:

  1. NovaBACKUP with Cloud Backup Storage (PC and Server backup with cloud storage)
  2. NovaBACKUP Cloud for Business (Hybrid cloud backup for businesses with multiple offices/branches/departments)
  3. NovaBACKUP Cloud for MSP (Cloud backup as a service for MSPs)

Our cloud backup software solutions allow you to centrally monitor all of your backups from a single web-based console, regardless of where your data is stored. Backup cloud solutions allow you to protect your data with public cloud-based servers (like Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure), private clouds that you host in your own data center, or we host (in the NovaBACKUP Cloud) or any combination that works for your business needs.

Unlike some cloud back up providers, our cloud data backup software offers additional features like local backup with unlimited number of file versions, plus both single file restore and universal restore to dissimilar hardware which goes above and beyond standard cloud backup functionality.

  • Manage all backup and restore jobs from a single pane of glass
  • Backup to local storage and cloud storage with a single solution
  • Fast data transfers speeds achieved by uploading just block-level changes
  • 256-bit AES military grade end-to-end encryption for full security
  • Data files, databases and entire systems protected with granular level restore
  • Centralized monitoring and backup reporting capabilities
  • TB drive delivery available for large data restores for customers utilizing the NovaBACKUP Cloud
  • US-based tech support

Remotely monitor backup jobs for all of your offices/branches/clients from a single pain of glass. Our multi-tenancy platform gives you the access you need with fast data transfer speeds and end-to-end encryption, so your data is always secure.

For organizations who want to offload some of the heavy-lifting associated with managing in-house data protection and recovery, turn to one of our MSP partners.

Managed service providers (MSPs) can take on the backup administration and recovery responsibilities for you as their clients, offering you both local and cloud backup as a service. Using our solution, MSPs can host your data in their datacenter (or the NovaBACKUP Cloud), and you just pay for what you need.  Learn more about our MSP program

With several options to choose from for cloud backup software for online server backups, our backup experts provide you with a free consultation to help you find the right solution for your hybrid cloud IT infrastructure.

Types of offsite cloud backup

Cloud backup allows you to safeguard your data against environmental or other factors that could damage an in-house storage method such as fire, floods, ransomware attack or theft. With the cloud, your data is stored at a secondary cloud-based data center that is guarded with layers of protection and regular server backups, and can easily scale to meet your business needs. 

The whole point of data backups is to ensure that your data can be quickly recovered in the event of a disaster. The best cloud backup solutions support the 3-2-1 backup strategy, providing the best chance of recovery.

There are several different types of cloud backup storage, and understanding the various types backup cloud solutions will help you to better understand what type best fits your business needs.

Private Cloud

Private cloud (also known as enterprise cloud) is cloud computing that is dedicated and accessible by a single organization as their own private cloud, thus creating greater control, security and privacy while delivering the agility, scalability, and self-service found in a public cloud. With private cloud storage, an organization (MSP or private cloud storage providers) is responsible for the cost and accountability of building out the private cloud storage, managing and maintaining the IT infrastructure and private cloud software required to support the private cloud. While private data cloud storage is often single-tenant, some private cloud platforms offer a multi-tenant architecture, allowing each tenant (group, department or office) to safely share their server space while each tenant's data remains inaccessible to all other tenants.

Public Cloud

Public cloud is cloud computing that utilizes an independent third-party, such as Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure, to host, manage and maintain the storage of your data in a multi-tenant environment that shares resources with other clients in the cloud. By pooling resources, the public cloud can offer affordable, pay-as-you-go online data storage that can easily scale to meet your business needs. The biggest concern with public cloud is security, reliability and regulatory compliance.

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud is cloud computing that utilizes both private and public cloud services, with a management platform that spans these environments allowing data and applications to be shared between them and on-premise storage.

NovaBACKUP's cloud backup software platforms support cloud architectures for public, private, and hybrid clouds. Our local and online backup software solutions allow any sized company to centrally manage and secure distributed workplaces, servers and virtual environments. Our team of backup experts are here to help you determine the best cloud backup service or solution for your business needs.

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