Highlights of Managed Backup Functionality


NovaBACKUP for MSPs - Top Features

Oversee all your customer's data with a secure and reliable hybrid backup solution for Managed Service Providers.

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Central Management

NovaBACKUP Central Management, a web-based monitoring and management interface provides relevant, high-level information about the status of customer backup jobs as well as deep insight into specific agents, jobs, and more. Create and manage all backup jobs from anywhere for all customer systems that backup to a local device or NovaBACKUP Cloud.


Easy Management

Organize customers into custom groups and assign agents to manage them. Simple drag-and-drop organization of installations and admins. Quickly view activity logs for each group or agent.

Manage backup jobs

Notification Triggers

Immediate notification of activities based on your criteria. Generate reports based on users, groups, cloud storage, and backup job status.


Cloud Storage Monitoring

With cloud storage monitoring, you can easily understand your clients' cloud backup usage with a clear picture of each application requirements during a given time frame.

Cloud Storage Accounts

FastBit Technology with Block-Level Backup

FastBIT utilizes a block-level comparison between files already backed up on the storage server and files on a client machine being backed up. Once compared, FastBIT prepares and sends only the differences at the block level between those two files, allowing backups to be as small and fast as possible.

Fast Bit Technology

VHDx Restore

Bring your own Backup and Disaster Recovery feature wherever you go. NovaBACKUP comes with a built-in physical-to-virtual feature, which means that you can spin up an image backup in any Hyper-V application and get your business back up and running within a short time.

VHDX to Hyper-V

Backup Seeding

NovaBACKUP helps you get that first large backup out of the way by including seeding at no additional charge. After you are done seeding, you can take advantage of our incremental forever approach to reduce your backup time.

Worried about restore times? We've got that covered too. If you feel your customer's data restore may take too long, we'll ship you a recovery drive. It's that easy.


Client Licenses Included

NovaBACKUP for MSPs that want to provide Backup-as-a-Service includes the client software for workstations and servers with unlimited GB for local file, folder, application, and VM backups. Plus, get image backups, which allow you to perform bare metal recovery or output an image to VHD or VHDx format to recover to a virtual machine.


Silent Deployment

Effortless roll out of your client installations and updates. Just connect your customers to NovaBACKUP and start protecting their data. It’s that easy.

Silent Deployment

Flexible Hosting

Choose the secure NovaBACKUP Cloud or self-host the data in your private data center, depending on your business needs.

Flexible Hosting Options



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