Backup-as-a-Service for MSPs and Resellers

Centrally monitored backup solution with local and cloud storage that can be provided as a service.

Backup-as-a-Service software for Managed Service Providers 

NovaBACKUP's Backup-as-a-Service solution is designed to help Managed Service Providers (MSPs) create a recurring revenue stream by offering local and offsite cloud backup as well as Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service.

Our centrally managed data protection solution allows MSPs to expand their business and enter the Backup-as-a-Service market by offering managed local and online backup to their customers. By becoming a NovaBACKUP MSP partner, Managed Service Providers are able to set up their own private cloud to host their client data in their own data center or utilize the NovaBACKUP Cloud if they don't want to host it themselves. Once set up, MSPs can immediately start offering local and cloud backup plus disaster recovery services to their customers.

Offering a Managed Backup Service with NovaBACKUP

For MSPs to offer the best data protection service the solution has to be intuitive, secure, and reliable. 

NovaBACKUP's highly scalable and secure software allows any Managed Service Provider to grow their Backup-as-a-Service business and support anywhere from ten to thousands of clients (one of our providers has over 20,000 installations) while local and cloud backup jobs are conveniently managed and monitored from any internet browser or mobile device in the world.

  • Flexible local and cloud backup: Combine local file and image backup to disk or NAS with a cloud option that aligns best with your business strategy, for example, a self-hosted private cloud or the NovaBACKUP Cloud, a highly secure data center owned and managed by NovaBACKUP.

  • Disaster Recovery: Stand out among peers by offering fast physical-to-virtual Disaster Recovery with a built-in VHDx restore ability, which enables MSPs to quickly spin up an image backup in any Hyper-V application.
  • Straightforward licensing: Reduce upfront costs by paying only for what you need. The pay-as-you-go model enables MSPs to stay flexible and only commit to licenses for systems that need to be secured and for cloud storage that is actually used.

  • Seeding to and from the cloud: Backup the initial data to a local device and send it to us, so we can seed it to the cloud. For a full restore, we'll send all the data located in the NovaBACKUP Cloud via an encrypted drive to the MSP or their customer.

  • Central management and monitoring: View, create, and manage local and offsite backup jobs for all connected agents remotely and see all relevant information about the backup status easily.

  • Multi-tenancy and multi-user access: Create accounts for customers, departments, and groups with full or restricted access without worrying about sensitive data being shared across profiles.

  • Multiple deployment options: Silent installation via command line, deployment via GPO with MSI-based installer, call installation via a 3-rd-party RMM, or manual install.

  • Product builder: White-label option to add logos, branding, help screens, menus, and configurations. 

  • Professional setup: MSPs get professional assistance during the technical and commercial setup of their backup services infrastructure and business so that they can quickly start generating revenue. 

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Successful Positioning of a Managed Backup Service

Cloud computing is currently one of the fastest-growing IT markets. For example, by 2024 the Cloud Backup market is expected to reach $190.5 billion. Yet, despite the prospect of success, many service providers run into difficulties properly positioning their backup service offerings. 

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Protect Any Workload

NovaBACKUP protects data on physical servers, endpoint workstations, virtual machines (Hyper-V and VMware), and applications (SQL, Exchange) while meeting compliance and business requirements.

MSPs can backup their customers' data to any local and cloud storage device, be it a disc, NAS, private data center, or NovaBACKUP Cloud. 

Looking for a BDR solution with hardware included? Check out NovaBACKUP BDR Essentials » 

Start Making Money

Our data protection solution for MSPs includes professional assistance during the setup and flexible deployment options, so Service Providers can start generating revenue immediately by offering local and offsite backup to clients that they are already servicing.

To improve cash-flow MSPs license NovaBACKUP in a manner that corresponds with the way they do business, so they can start making money immediately and fast-track their profitability.

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MSP Backup-as-a-Service FAQs

Our team of backup experts has compiled a list of the top backup software questions asked by MSPs about our solutions.

Are you a Managed Service Provider?

The NovaBACKUP Partner Program allows MSPs to earn reoccuring revenue by offering their clients cloud backup and archiving services.

“We've migrated through several backup software solutions...NovaBACKUP is by far the most robust and reliable product we've used. It's fast and easy to use, and the centralized dashboard is a real benefit when you are responsible for as many clients' backups as we are.”

Mark Pontius
CEO | Compass Network Group

“After our trials and competitor analysis, NovaBACKUP came out on top. NovaBACKUP understood our needs and helped us make sure that we had a product that we could take to market for our direct customer base and our reseller customers very quickly and very easily. That’s where NovaBACKUP really pulled through for us.”


Steve Holford
Chief Marketing Officer | Fasthosts

“Thank you and by the way I have totally loved my experience to date with NovaBACKUP.  I was recently audited for our ISO cert and backup was the main topic.  I explained our back up method and also why we choose to do it this way.  The Auditor thought the method was great.  In a day when everyone asks for the Cloud and all these SAS services, I am happy to deploy a budget friendly solution with a flexible configuration (Cloud, NAS, and/or Local).”

Al fonso Cartagena
Quality Manufacturing Services