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NovaBACKUP Cloud for
MSPs and Resellers 

Centrally monitored MSP backup solution with local and cloud storage that you provide as a service to your customers.

MSP Backup as a Service Designed to Help You Grow Your Business


Backed by MSP-Friendly Industry Experts

NovaBACKUP software lets MSPs deliver local and cloud backup as a managed service. Our data-protection experts understand that backup is an important part of the IT services that you provide.

Backup Solutions for MSPs

Provide secure local and online storage backup services for files, folders, applications, entire systems, and virtual machines using a SaaS MSP model to help you grow your business as a Managed Service Provider. Become an MSP partner and start offering NovaBACKUP Cloud, designed specifically for online backup service providers, offering maximum flexibility in how you offer local and cloud backup services.

easily deployed msp backup

Scalable and Easily Deployed

Our team has decades of experience helping MSPs and resellers to deploy and manage a customized MSP backup solution whether you have a handful of customers or thousands.

NovaBACKUP Cloud is account based, which means no need to track license keys. Just connect your clients to NovaBACKUP Cloud and start protecting their data. It’s that easy.  

local and cloud msp backup

Local and Cloud Backups

No upfront fees, immediately start offering cloud backup services to all your clients for as little as $250.00 per month.

NovaBACKUP Cloud supports Windows systems, MS-SQL, Exchange and virtual machines.

Store your data locally, plus in your own private cloud or NovaBACKUP Cloud.

All-inclusive Cloud Backup Solutions 

The #1 platform for predictable revenue growth as a managed service provider

MSP Cloud Backup

NovaBACKUP Cloud (formerly xSP) is an all-in-one MSP backup and recovery services solution, created to make data protection easier and more reliable for service providers. Our team has decades of experience in helping our data backup service providers and partners provide the best MSP backup solution for their customers.

Developed in the US, NovaBACKUP Cloud offers the best MSP backup solution, offering hybrid data protection with local and managed cloud backup options, for Windows systems, Exchange, MS-SQL and Virtual Machines.

With our MSP cloud backup solutions, you can choose two ways to store your customer’s data: in your own self-hosted private cloud or in the NovaBACKUP hosted cloud.

Deploy quickly, and easily manage all of your clients from a single interface. With NovaBACKUP Cloud for MSPs, your client NovaBACKUP software licenses are free - you just pay for the compressed cloud storage across all your client accounts. 

NovaBACKUP Cloud is a hands-free, remote backup software for service providers that allows you to offer online backup services and helps you grow your business.

MSP Server Backup

TOP Benefits for MSPs

Two options of cloud storage (NovaBACKUP Cloud, your own private cloud)
Unlimited software licenses - FREE
Initial backup seeding included
Unlimited scalability
Compliant with industry regulations
Pay-as-you-go model with zero upfront costs
Easy and quick roll-out
US-based development
Support from MSP-friendly industry experts
Remote Central Monitoring
MSP managed cloud backup services

Key Features for your Customers

Managed cloud backup services
File and image backups
Granular restore
256-bit AES encryption
Restore critical data in minutes
Support for MS-SQL, Exchange, and Virtual Machines
Protection against ransomware, hardware failure and disasters
Perfect solution for HealthCare, Education, Dental and Financial Offices

Becoming a NovaBACKUP MSP is easy:

Cloud Storage Options
Step 1

Select Hosting Option

Decide if you would like to host your clients’ data in NovaBACKUP Cloud, or self-host using your your own private cloud server hardware.

Step 2


Schedule an initial call with a backup expert who will help configure your account, install your software and set up the Central Monitoring (CMon) application for you.  Our team will provide free training and roll-out assistance, so you have the skills and support needed to build your backup MSP service business.

Step 3


After setup, you will receive a custom build of the NovaBACKUP client software, which will connect directly to your cloud account.  You can then deploy this to any type of Windows machine, server, PC or laptop.  Those clients connect automatically to your CMon account, where you can monitor all backups at a glance.

Step 4


From your CMon MSP portal, you can add client accounts and organize them into groups, build reports, set up alerts, monitor your client backup jobs, and much more.

Step 5

Grow Your Business

Whether you decide to bill per license, per storage used, or as part of a package – NovaBACKUP’s flexibility and scalability means there is no limit to your potential for profitability and growth. Build predictable recurring revenue while keeping your customers’ data secure, and stay on top of it all from a single pane of glass.

Featured Case Study

Cloud Backup Services

Oldham Consulting counts on NovaBACKUP for growth

For over a decade, NovaBACKUP has served as the primary backup software for Steve Oldham, owner of Oldham Consulting. Working together, NovaBACKUP has helped them to grow their IT and Network services business, by providing them with a flexible, efficient, easy-to-use, local and cloud backup and recovery platform with central monitoring and knowledgeable support at a fair price.

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Oldham Consulting counts on NovaBACKUP for growth

With NovaBACKUP Cloud, Steve has reached a higher level of data protection for local businesses in Atlanta

For over a decade, NovaBACKUP has served as the primary backup software for Steve Oldham, owner of Oldham Consulting, located in the city of Cumming, one hour north of Atlanta.

With the data protection needs of his customers increasing, Steve has found that NovaBACKUP Cloud for managed service providers gives him the right tools to grow his business. Now Steve is able to provide local and cloud backup from one single platform with central monitoring, as opposed to managing separate licenses for each of his customers. Plus, by offering cloud backups in addition to local backups, he can now give his customers a higher level of confidence when it comes to the availability of their critical data.

Developed from the same foundation as the stand-alone NovaBACKUP product, NovaBACKUP Cloud for MSPs allows Steve to continue to reap the benefits of the software that he is already highly experienced with, but now with added cloud services and flexibility to expand his market. NovaBACKUP Cloud also helps save storage costs for his customers and minimize downtime in case of disaster. This solution utilizes FastBIT, a feature that allows cloud backups to be as small and fast as possible by only sending the differences at the block level between two instances of the same file.


“Another great aspect of working with NovaBACKUP is their support. I have had fast responses to technical questions and emails. Also, the team really knows their product and the industry, which makes the call much more productive. Finally, they are open to take customer feedback and respond to it. That’s something I value a lot.”
Steve Oldham, Owner of Oldham Consulting

NovaBACKUP Cloud

Using a Redundant Backup Strategy to Ensure Protection

Since 1991, Oldham Consulting has provided highly satisfied businesses and residences with dependable IT and Network services. Currently, Steve recommends a redundant backup strategy, which includes multiple storage destinations.

To learn more about how NovaBACKUP Cloud helps MSPs to enhance customer data protection strategies, click here.