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NovaBACKUP Cloud for
MSPs and Resellers 

Centrally monitored backup solution with local and cloud storage that you provide as a service to your customers.


Introducing NovaBACKUP Cloud

The MSP-friendly SaaS to help you grow as a Managed Service Provider (formerly xSP)


Scalable and Easily Deployed

Our team has decades of experience helping MSPs and resellers to deploy and manage a customized data protection solution whether you have a handful of customers or thousands.

NovaBACKUP Cloud is account based, which means no need to track license keys. Just connect your clients to NovaBACKUP Cloud and start protecting their data. It’s that easy.  


Local and Cloud Backups

No upfront fees, immediately start offering cloud backup services to all your clients for as little as $160.00 per month.

NovaBACKUP Cloud supports Windows and Linux systems, MS-SQL, Exchange and virtual machines.

Store your data in your own cloud or NovaBACKUP Cloud.


Complete backup solution for Service Providers

NovaBACKUP Cloud (formerly xSP) is an all-in-one solution, created to make data protection easier and more reliable for service providers. Our team has decades of experience in helping our partners provide the best Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions for their customers.

Developed in the US, NovaBACKUP Cloud offers hybrid data protection with local and cloud options, for Windows and Linux systems, Exchange, MS-SQL and Virtual Machines.

With our solution, you can choose three ways to store your customer’s data: in your own cloud, in a public cloud like AWS or in the NovaBACKUP cloud.

Deploy quickly, manage easily from a single interface, and pay just for what you use. NovaBACKUP Cloud a hands-free backup solution to help you grow your business.


TOP Benefits for MSPs

Three options of cloud storage (NovaBACKUP Cloud, your own private cloud or public cloud)
Unlimited scalability
Compliant with industry regulations
Pay-as-you-go model with zero upfront costs
Easy and quick roll-out
US-based development
Support from MSP-friendly industry experts
Remote Central Monitoring

Key Features for your Customers

Cloud backup solution
File and image backups
Granular restore
256-bit AES encryption
Restore critical data in minutes
Support for MS-SQL, Exchange, and Virtual Machines
Protection against ransomware, hardware failure and disasters
Perfect solution for HealthCare, Education, Dental and Financial Offices

How does NovaBACKUP help MSPs grow?

Success in numbers

Authorities and companies of various industries and sizes rely on NovaStor for backing up their data.

Protected Machines
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