Remote Management, Monitoring and Installation for MSPs

Manage and monitor all of your clients’ NovaBACKUP installations from anywhere with the NovaBACKUP Central Management. Plus, perform remote installations with an MSI-based installer. Automate deployment and stay on top of your clients’ critical data.

Setup and Manage Client Backups Remotely

With the ability to deploy, configure, and monitor NovaBACKUP software remotely, Managed Service Providers can create, view, and delete backup jobs remotely to protect new and existing clients' data (even remote workers) with ease. 


Install Client Software

Automate deployment and installation of NovaBACKUP for your clients' laptops, workstations, and servers. Using an MSI-based installer, you can easily perform remote deployment, configurations, and backup job automation to support clients with remote workers, offsite locations or to handle new client and existing customers remotely.


Monitor Client Backups

Offer your clients backup monitoring services using our central management console. NovaBACKUP Central Management is a web-based management tool designed to help you stay one step ahead of potential problems by providing a high-level view of your customers' backups, including email notifications and real-time alerts. Get notified of potential issues before they become a data protection threat.

Backup Management and Monitoring for MSPs

Intuitive web-based interface for remote backup management and monitoring of NovaBACKUP installations with customized users and role. Scale from one to thousands of NovaBACKUP installations for an unlimited number of clients.

Top Advantages of NovaBACKUP Central Management

Remotely Manage Client Backups from Anywhere
Web-based Management from Anywhere with Internet Access

A sleek and simple way to view the status of all your clients' backup installations, create new backup jobs, and manage them across local and cloud backups. Whether you're in the same building or widely distributed, MSPs can attain deep insights from anywhere with internet access.

Scalable to Meet the Needs of Unlimited Clients
Grows with Your Business as You Add More Clients

Easily scale from one client to thousands of clients with an unlimited number of NovaBACKUP installations supported. Whether managing one, or thousands of backup jobs, the completely customizable dashboard provides the most important status figures of all connected NovaBACKUP installations.

Centralized View of All Clients
Manage All NovaBACKUP Client Installations from a Single Console

The dashboard on NovaBACKUP's Central Management web-based management interface offers a high-level view of customer activity across all your NovaBACKUP clients from a single pane of glass. Drill down to see additional details about specific machines and backups, set up alerts, notifications, review history, and backup logs. You can even add and configure devices from here.

Quick Access and Creation of Backup Jobs
Create, Delete, View, Filter, Sort, and View Your Clients' Backups Quickly

By offering a high-level overview of your clients' NovaBACKUP installations with the ability to view, create, or delete backup jobs, as well as sort and filter them. You can gain quick access to any backup and drill down for more details about the status of the backup job. 

Stay One Step Ahead of Potential Problems 
Get Email Notifications and Real-time Alerts

Stay one step ahead of potential threats like ransomware, hardware failure and disaster by monitoring your applications and being notified in real-time about the statuses of your clients' backup jobs.

Control Who Has Access to What Data
Multitenant Support Allows for Specific Client and Role-Based Access

Define users and roles with unique access so you remain in control over who has access to what data. Flexible enough to meet your clients needs, with default or customized access rights.

Control Access Using Groups and Roles

Use Groups for Companies and Departments
Organize Your Clients First by Groups

In order to create an organizational structure for access control, first set up each company as its own group. Within each group, if you need to separate departments within a company (for reporting or access restrictions), create another group as a subfolder under the company.

Set up Agents and Devices Under Groups
Organize Agents Under Groups

Once you have setup your company and department group folders, you are ready to add Agents, or individual systems to be protected and the devices their system can connect to under your company groups. Users with permissions to edit the agent, can add a new cloud or network devices.

Set up Roles with Specific Access Rights
Define Custom Roles or Use Default Roles

Roles define what a user can do within the CMon console for the group they have been given permission to access. While default roles have been created, as the Admin you can create new roles, or view and edit existing roles. Each role can be customized to meet yours or your clients needs for view and editing access.

Create User Accounts with Unique Access
Each User Account Can be Setup with Unique Access Rights

When you create a new user, you will need to select the user's role, and the groups the user has authorization to manage. If a storage server is configured, you can select the storage server groups the user is authorized to manage, or you can create a unique storage server group for this user.

Notification Triggers and Real-Time Alerts

Email Notification Triggers
A Single Trigger Can be Created for an Entire Group of Agents

A notification trigger can be setup for a select group of agents based on a specified interval of time. The notification will be sent via email to the email addresses specified in the trigger configuration on a Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Immediate basis. These triggers can be setup based on job status and are highly customizable, so you are always up-to-date on the status of your clients backup jobs.

Avoid Potential Problems with Real-time Alerts
Setup Alerts to Tigger Based on Failed Backup Jobs

Trigger alerts can be setup to alert you of any potential issues regarding backup jobs. Receive an immediate email alert notifying you if a backup job fails, stops or has a warning, so you can act swiftly to resolve the situation for your client and avoid any potential data loss. 

Network and Cloud Storage Devices

Network Connected Storage Devices 
Add Multiple Network Devices as Backup Storage Destinations

Add Agent Network Devices direct from the CMon using the device credentials to create multiple storage destinations for your clients backup jobs.

Cloud Backup Storage Server
Add a Cloud Storage Device for Offsite Agent Backup Storage

As long as you've installed the Storage Server, a cloud storage device can be added with ease.

Cloud Storage Options

NovaBACKUP Hosted Cloud Services 
Add an Additional Layer of Protection with Cloud Storage

NovaBACKUP-hosted cloud storage offers you a secure offsite secondary backup storage destination in the cloud to strengthen your existing backup strategy. Cloud backup offers data redundancy and provides a proactive layer of defense against data loss threats.

Self-Hosted Private Cloud
Backup Client Data to Your Own Private Cloud Data Center

Want to host your own private cloud? No problem. Our solution includes a Cloud Storage Server that allows you to host your own private cloud and allows you to control the entire data storage configuration directly through the storage server.

Public Cloud Integration with Amazon S3
Create a Hybrid Cloud Solution using Public Clouds

Add Amazon's Simple Storage Service (S3) as on online storage device to backup to the S3 Bucket you want your data stored.

Supported Operating Systems

Hardware Requirements for CMon

  • Intel Dual Core CPU or better
  • 4 GB of RAM minimum
  • 3 GB free hard drive space on OS drive

Operating Systems
Supported Windows Server Operating Systems

  • Windows Server 2019
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Windows Server 2012

SQL Server (Optional)
Recommended When Using More than 5 Backup Agents

  • SQL Server 2019
  • SQL Server 2017 Express
  • SQL Server 2016 SP2 Express
  • SQL Server 2014 SP2 Express
  • SQL Server 2012 

.NET Framework
New Prerequisites for NovaBACKUP CMon

  • .NET Framework 4.7.2 or higher (Automatically Installed)
  • Microsoft ASP.NET Core 3.1.10 Windows Hosting Bundle (Optionally Auto Installed with CMon Setup Installer)


Networking Protocols Used

  • TCP/IP Network

Web Server (Optional)
Compatible with the Following Web Server

  • IIS with IIS 6 compatibility

Desktop Web Browsers
Desktop Web Browsers Supported 

  • HTML5 Supported Desktop Web Browsers:
    • Internet Explorer 9 and above
    • Chrome
    • Firefox
    • Safari
    • Opera
    • Edge


Mobile Web Browsers
Mobile Web Browsers Supported

  • HTML5 Supported Mobile Web Browsers:
    • Android 5.0
    • iOS 9.0
    • Windows 10
    • BlackBerry 10
    • Opera Mobile
    • Amazon Silk



Avoiding Common MSP Pitfalls

Learn from MSPs who have come before you on how to avoid costly mistakes, how to be proactive rather than reactive, address regulatory weaknesses and more.

Scale Your Business by Offering Backup, Monitoring, and Alert Services

NovaBACKUP Central Management gives MSPs and IT Service Providers the tools they need to quickly analyze, review, and adjust the status of backup jobs within NovaBACKUP installations, down to the individual files they manage. Whether you're managing one, or thousands of backup jobs spanning hundreds of clients, our web-based centralized monitoring and management tool will scale to meet the needs of your growing business, while allowing you to offer backup, monitoring, management, and alert services to generate additional recurring revenue.

Not only is the dashboard completely customizable, but it also allows you to stay one step ahead of potential problems, so you can achieve a greater level of confidence in your ability to protect and remotely monitor your clients' data.


Maintain Access Control of Data 

NovaBACKUP allows you to protect your clients' physical and virtual Windows servers including SQL and Exchange, their endpoints for workstations, laptops, and their remote workforce, while NovaBACKUP Central Management, enables you to remotely monitor the status of all your clients' backup jobs and manage the individual backups from a single pane of glass.

By defining Central Management users and roles within company groups, you control who has visibility into the clients' backup jobs and you maintain access privileges to each specific user, for example, giving clients access to see their own backup jobs or internal employees that support your customers.

"NovaBACKUP's disaster recovery image backup was the only thing that was able to bring our clients crypto-locked admin server back to life. We tried the restore and it's like it never even happened. This proves why NovaBACKUP products are essential for disaster recovery and nightly backups. Amazing products and support staff. I give them the highest rating possible"
NovaBACKUP Testimonial

Graham Cennon 
President, DMS Services Inc.

"Backups fit seamlessly into our IT service offering. Since using NovaBACKUP Server, we have operated our service at a far lower cost than ever before. Even extremely large volumes of data can be backed up reliably in a flash."
NovaBACKUP Review

Carsten Schafflhuber
Director, SCHAFFLHUBER Digital Medical Excellence

"These days, such truly customer-based satisfaction is the exception and not the rule. All this speaks very highly of the mindset and quality of the NovaBACKUP team and I will remain a bragging customer."
NovaBACKUP Review

Frederick Rueggeberg
Professor and Section Director, Dental Materials