BDR Appliance for MSPs

NovaBACKUP BDR Essentials is a turn-key BDR solution designed for managed service providers (MSPs) to offer local and cloud backup, backed by industry leading software and hardware.

Built to Handle Highly-Regulated Industries

NovaBACKUP BDR Essentials gives Backup Service Providers everything they need to protect their clients' data, even those with the strictest regulatory compliance requirements, with both local and cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) for their Windows systems.


Security, Reliability, and Uptime

Gain essential tools for maximum data protection against sophisticated cyberattacks and other data security threats. For added security, this BDR appliance allows for lock-down of the device through NIST Cybersecurity best practices, such as Access Control, Identification & Authentication, and Encryption.


Powerful, All-Inclusive
BDR Solution

NovaBACKUP BDR Essentials offers advanced security features, making it indispensable as an all-inclusive Backup and Disaster Recovery device.

Schedule automatic file and image backups of remote endpoints and servers, with additional support for SQL, Exchange, and virtual machines - all in a single BDR appliance solution with local and cloud protection for your customers.


Remote Centralized

The dashboard on NovaBACKUP's Central Management, a web-based backup management console, offers a high-level view of customer activity as well as detailed information about the status of the backup job, the agent, or the agent group.

With a customizable dashboard, email notifications, and real-time alerts regarding the status of the backup jobs, IT professionals can stay on top of their data protection remotely, avoiding potential problems before they become a problem.

About NovaBACKUP BDR Essentials

NovaBACKUP BDR Essentials includes everything you need for BDR including setup assistance, training, support, health checks, and a hardware warranty. Includes BDR Appliance hardware, Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) software with central management, and access to NovaBACKUP Cloud.

Top Advantages of NovaBACKUP BDR Essentials

All-Inclusive, Turn-key BDR Solution
Complete Backup and Storage Solution with No Upfront Fees

Streamlined, turn-key solution as a service that provides the software and BDR appliance hardware needed to protect MSPs client data both locally and in the cloud with flexible pricing and options for no upfront fees. A single solution protects and stores data for Windows systems, virtual machines, Microsoft SQL and Exchange - with no limit on the number of agents it can connect to.

Fast Data Recovery with Minimal Downtime
Get Your Clients Back Up to Business in Minutes

Minimize downtime with fast file and image-based recovery. Quickly and easily spin up a new Hyper-V virtual machine using a backup of a physical or a virtual machine to get your customers back up and running in just minutes.

Full Control Over Storage Device and Server
Store Your Data with Confidence on the Most Secure Network Storage

Fully customizable to work with Remote Monitoring and Management (RMMs) tools, you maintain full control over the BDR appliance hardware and storage server. You can be confident that your client data is secure, as this device features a closed system, which is a strong deterrent to hacking, and uniquely provides SSL encrypted access, so you can securely access data. And since this device ships with hard drives included and pre-configured RAID, you can enjoy hassle-free redundancy out of the box.

Expansive Virtualization Capabilities
Increase Hardware Utilization and Reduce Hardware Costs

Maximize your storage with data deduplication and shadow copy functions, and utilize expansive virtualization capabilities to create a scalable and cost-effective storage solution that you can expand to fit your needs, while reducing hardware overhead costs, and increasing your hardware utilization. Plus, perform a Hyper-V restore directly through the BDR appliance to bring back critical systems in minutes.

Ransomware Protection
Never Pay a Ransom for Clients Hit with Ransomware

Your clients best defense against ransomware, which encrypts users data, is to restore data from a backup (with your help), not pay for an encryption key. This solution also allows for lock-down of the device through NIST Cybersecurity best practices, such as Access Control, Identification & Authentication, and Encryption.



Regulatory Compliance 
Help Your Clients Uphold HIPAA Compliance Standards

NovaBACKUP has gone the extra mile to complete Compliancy Group’s exclusive compliance certification process, adhering to the necessary regulatory standards outlined in the HIPAA Privacy Rule, Security Rule, Breach Notification Rule, Omnibus Rule, and HITECH. Let us help you help your clients with regulatory compliance.

Premium Support with Fast Response 
Get Help from Industry-Experts Who Understand MSPs Needs

The NovaBACKUP support team is dedicated to helping you keep your clients data protected. Our team will go the extra mile to ensure that your requests are handled quickly so you never have to face a client challenge alone. Our software and hardware are backed by industry experts.

3-Year Hardware Warranty
Your BDR Storage Device is Backed by a Hardware Warranty

NovaBACKUP BDR Essentials offers a compelling hardware warranty, protecting the device for three full years. If your hardware fails for any reason, a new one will be shipped to you Next Business Day delivery with a pre-paid return shipping label included. 

Remote Centralized Control
Monitor and Manage All Your Customers from a Single Pane of Glass

Your NovaBACKUP BDR Essentials gives you centralized control of all your clients. Manage one or thousands of backup jobs from a single web-based central management console, from anywhere with internet access. Create users with unique access privileges and control visibility into client backup jobs.

Quarterly Backup Health Checks
Our Backup Experts Work with You to Ensure Backup Health

Our team of data backup experts will review your current backup strategy and give you advice on how to better protect your clients' technical environment, help you pinpoint potential exposure to cyberthreats and ransomware, review the reliability of your restore plan, and explore any regulatory compliance concerns that arise.

Features and Benefits

File and Image Backups 
Protect Remote Endpoints and Servers with SQL, Exchange, and VMs

Includes file and image backups of remote endpoints and servers, with additional support for SQL, Exchange, and virtual machines - all in a single BDR solution with local and cloud protection for your customers. You can also backup to and restore from the cloud directly from the agent, giving users flexibility and easy access to their data.

Replication and Failover DR
Avoid Data Loss with Replication

Backup replication uses an image-level backup to replicate data to an offsite location or secondary drive to fail over a virtual machine or an entire system in just a few clicks. Easily perform non-disruptive recoverability testing and ensure that you have a working DR plan in place to minimize downtime, prevent data loss and achieve low Recovery Point Objectives (RPO).

Disaster Recovery
Restore Entire Systems (Including the OS and Applications) at Once

Disaster recovery images streamline the restore process by including all system data to bring a mirror image of your former machine back into production after any disaster scenario. Users can also virtualize locally to perform a failback restoration to the original location, instead of a failover, which is the ultimate objective for disaster recovery.

Enhanced Business Continuity with VHDx
Boot a System Image as a Virtual Machine in Minutes

With NovaBACKUP BDR Essentials, creating a VHDx System Image (Hyper-V Virtual Hard Disk) backup to be booted as a virtual machine is easy and can be done in just a few simple steps. In the event of a disaster, users can mount a local virtual machine as a restore point on the NovaBACKUP BDR Essentials device.

Incremental Forever Backups
Minimize Impact on Client Systems with an Incremental Forever Strategy 

After your first full backup, all consequent backups will be incremental forever, which means only the blocks that changed since the previous backup will be backed up. This strategy reduces data growth, increased the speed of the backups, and minimizes the impact to client systems.

File Versioning
Restore Earlier Versions of a File with Ease

Gain access to unlimited version history of your clients data with file versioning. Once a file is backed up, you can access and retrieve previous versions or drafts of that file or folders for your clients with ease. If a file become corrupted by a virus, you can just roll-back to an earlier version.

Virtual Machines One-Step Restore
Restore a VMware and Hyper-V VMs quickly and easily

With synthetic one-step VM restore, your VMware or Hyper-V virtual machines can be restored in a single pass, regardless of the number of previous backups, to the same host or to an alternate location. Restore to a point-in-time or to the most recent backup. Plus, with the option to backup direct to VHDX, you can quickly restore a physical machine to a virtual machine in a Hyper-V environment in just minutes.

Granular Recovery 
Restore individual files and folders with a few clicks

With granular recovery, you can quickly retrieve individual files, emails or folders from a physical or virtual machine - all with just a few clicks. You can restore files to the same or to an alternate location. You can also perform Exchange and Microsoft SQL server backups with granular restore.

Automated Backups
Schedule Your Backup Jobs to Meet Your Clients Needs

Automate your clients' backups to fit their business needs. Scheduling a backup job allows them to run outside of normal business hours to minimize any disruption or slow-down of your clients' machines. You can adjust the frequency (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly), add a holiday schedule, and run any scheduled job as needed.

Compressed and Encrypted Backups
Secure Your Client Backups and Reduce Your Storage Requirements

Utilize military grade encryption to password protect your backup files from unauthorized access. Choose from AES 128-bit, 192-bit, 256-bit, or Blowfish encryption based on the needs of your clients. File and image backups are compressed by default, saving anywhere from 10-25% of storage space.

HIPAA and FERPA Compliant
Help Your Clients Maintain Even the Strictest Compliance

NovaBACKUP Appliance software meets and exceeds the current HIPAA, FERPA, GLBA and other industry requirements, ensuring that your customers meet their data protection requirements for highly regulated industries, such as Healthcare, Dental, Education, Accounting and Legal.

Email Summary Reports
Receive Backup Summary Reports via Email

Receive backup summary reports via email. File backups and copy jobs can be setup to send you an email when a job completes based on various parameters, such as “Always” or “Only if errors”. You can also receive Summary Reports on a schedule, to make management of multiple backup jobs easier. Quickly see an overview of all your backups, on a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule.

Hardware Box and Hard Drives IncludedBuffalo-logo


Windows Server IoT-Powered BDR Appliance
BDR Appliance Hardware Pre-Configured for RAID

NovaBACKUP BDR Essentials' box, manufactured by Buffalo, offers a strong and sturdy construction that helps protect data and hard drives from external elements. Pre-configured for RAID, this BDR appliance is setup, out of the box, to help reduce data loss and improve performance. As a Windows Server IoT-Powered BDR appliance, this device can help you gather, store, and process large amounts of backup data quickly and securely for your clients remotely over the internet.

Hardware Specifications
Flexible, Secure, Professional-Value NAS Powered Buffalo TeraStation

  • Model: Buffalo TeraStation WS5020
  • Number of Bay Drives: 4-bay desktop model
  • Capacity Range: 8, 16, and 32 TB
  • CPU: Intel Atom C3338
  • Memory: 8GB DDR4 with ECC
  • Data Transfer Rates: 10 Gbps / 1000 Mbps / 100 Mbps / 10 Mbps
  • Hardware Warranty: 3 years

Hard Drives Included
TeraStation with Plenty of Local Storage Options: 8TB, 16TB, and 32TB

With plenty of local storage options to choose from, this BDR appliance is flexible, and scalable enough to provide a backup storage hub for your clients growing data - and it does not require a "forklift" for upgrades. Select the hard drive capacity that best fits your clients growing businesses: 8TB, 16TB or 32TB. 

BDR Software Included / Supported

Client BDR Software: NovaBACKUP 
Complete Backup and Disaster Recovery Software

NovaBACKUP software protects unlimited remote endpoints and Windows Servers, with support for SQL, Exchange, and virtual machines with file and image-level backups with local and secure hosted cloud protection for your customers. (INCLUDED)

Storage Server: Windows Server IoT 2019
Delivers Enterprise Manageability to IoT Solutions

Windows Server IoT 2019 is a full version of Windows Server 2019 software that delivers enterprise manageability and security to IoT solutions. (INCLUDED)

Remote Management  
Remote Central Management

NovaBACKUP Central Management allows MSPs to deploy, configure, and monitor an unlimited number of NovaBACKUP software installations remotely, to protect and monitor new and existing clients (even remote workers) data with ease. (INCLUDED)

Supports Other Windows Products 
Works Seamlessly with Windows Products

Works seamlessly with Windows products and services such as Office 365, and One Drive and supports local virtualization.

Local and Cloud Storage Options

BDR Appliance for Local Storage
Backup Client Data Directly to the BDR Appliance 

NovaBACKUP BDR Essentials includes a BDR appliance with full functionality as a storage destination for local backups, restores, and virtualization, with or without a cloud storage connection.

Hosted Cloud Storage 
Secure Hosted Cloud Storage is Included

NovaBACKUP BDR Essentials offers highly customizable options which include cloud backup to the NovaBACKUP Cloud starting at 500GB, giving you a secure offsite secondary backup storage destination in the cloud to strengthen your clients' data protection strategy and meet their cloud storage needs. Cloud backup offers data redundancy and provides a proactive layer of defense against data loss threats.

Supported Operating Systems / Platforms

Microsoft Windows Server 
Supported Windows Server Operating Systems

  • Windows Server 2022
  • Windows Server 2019 and IoT 2019
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Windows Server 2012
  • Plus, Windows 11, 10, and 8.1

Microsoft Exchange Server
Supported MS Exchange Platforms

  • Exchange Server 2019
  • Exchange Server 2016
  • Exchange Server 2013 SP1
  • Exchange Server 2010 SP3

Microsoft SQL Server
Supported MS SQL Server Platforms

  • SQL Server 2019
  • SQL Server 2017
  • SQL Server 2016 SP2
  • SQL Server 2014 SP3
  • SQL Server 2012 SP4

Hyper-V Platforms
Supported Microsoft Hyper-V Server Platforms

  • Hyper-V Server 2022
  • Hyper-V Server 2019
  • Hyper-V Server 2016
  • Hyper-V Server 2012 R2
  • Hyper-V Server 2012

VMware Platforms
Supported VMware vSphere and ESX(i) Platforms

  • VMware vSphere 6.x (w/vStorage API)
  • VMware vSphere 5.x (w/vStorage API)
  • VMware ESX(i) 6.x (w/vStorage API)
  • VMware ESX(i) 5.x (w/vStorage API)
Hidden Costs of Managed Backup

The Hidden Costs of Managed Backup

As a managed backup vendor, we often meet new MSP partners moving away from alternative backup solutions due to unwelcome cost-surprises. Learn about the hidden costs of managed backup and how to avoid them.

Includes Secure, Cloud Storage for a Secondary Layer of Protection

NovaBACKUP BDR Essentials includes NovaBACKUP Cloud, a hosted cloud storage for a secure offsite destination for data redundancy, giving MSPs an extra layer of protection for their physical and virtual machine backups. For added convenience, they and their customers can backup and restore from the cloud directly from the agent.

Protect client data from accidental file deletion, hardware crashes, computer theft, natural disasters, and ransomware. With cyberattacks on the rise, it's critical to secure any data proactively with multiple layers of protection, so there never is a possibility of paying a ransom to access business data. Securing backups with an offsite cloud backup as a secondary layer of protection is the best defense.


Secure Physical & VM Servers with SQL and Exchange, Plus Endpoints

NovaBACKUP BDR Essentials allows MSPs to protect their clients' physical and virtual Windows Servers with SQL and Exchange as well as endpoints for remote workforce protection - all in a single, all-inclusive backup and recovery solution.

Our backup and disaster recovery software protects Windows systems and virtual machines (Hyper-V and VMware) to safeguard ALL data with military-grade AES encryption for local and cloud backups.

Talk to an MSP BDR Specialist

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BDR Solution FAQs

Our team of backup experts compiled a list of the top software and hardware questions asked about our BDR solution.

"NovaBACKUP's disaster recovery image backup was the only thing that was able to bring our clients crypto-locked admin server back to life. We tried the restore and it's like it never even happened. This proves why NovaBACKUP products are essential for disaster recovery and nightly backups. Amazing products and support staff. I give them the highest rating possible"
NovaBACKUP Testimonial

Graham Cennon 
President, DMS Services Inc.

"Backups fit seamlessly into our IT service offering. Since using NovaBACKUP Server, we have operated our service at a far lower cost than ever before. Even extremely large volumes of data can be backed up reliably in a flash."
NovaBACKUP Review

Carsten Schafflhuber
Director, SCHAFFLHUBER Digital Medical Excellence

"These days, such truly customer-based satisfaction is the exception and not the rule. All this speaks very highly of the mindset and quality of the NovaBACKUP team and I will remain a bragging customer."
NovaBACKUP Review

Frederick Rueggeberg
Professor and Section Director, Dental Materials