Data Protection for CPAs and Accounting Offices

Let us help you maintain PCI compliance for safeguarding financial data for your firm and your clients.

CPA Data Protection and Recovery is Critical

The American institute of CPAs (AICPA) has issued 10 guidelines known as GAPP (Generally Accepted Privacy Principles) that affect data privacy. Our team understands GAPP requirements to secure personal client information and create an effective data protection program.

Local and Cloud Backup

The redundancy of securing data in multiple locations using the 3-2-1 backup rule protects you against hardware failure, natural disaster, cybercrime, and much more.

AES Encryption for Powerful Security

Complete data protection and confidentiality with end-to-end (Advanced Encryption Standard) AES encryption, chosen by the U.S. government to protect and encrypt sensitive data.

Compliance and Control

Software designed for flexibility with features like data-retention functionality that lets you decide what data is kept, and for exactly how long.

Monitoring and Reporting

Know the status of your backup jobs at a glance from anywhere you are using the NovaBACKUP CMon console, and have detailed email reports sent to you directly.


Backup and Recovery Tailored to Your Firm

All-Inclusive Solutions

NovaBACKUP includes all options, features and plugins in a single package to maximize your backup options, and your budget. Multiple licensing options available.

Fast, Intuitive, Automated Backups

With straight-forward backup configuration and scheduling processes, CPA firms utilize a flexible software solution that adjusts to your unique backup strategy.

Applications and Databases

The ability to back up and restore SQL and Exchange databases, as well as  protection for Virtual Machines ensures that your business is fully secured.

Local Engineers

NovaBACKUP experts with decades of backup experience are based in the United States. You’ll never be sent to a long-distance support center for template answers.

Confidence in Secure Data

Maximize uptime

Maximum Uptime

In the event of a catastrophe, getting back in business is your top priority. NovaBACKUP’s ability to create file and disaster recovery image backups, secured wherever you choose, means minimal downtime and greater productivity.

Backup and Recovery for CPAs

OS and Applications

Operating systems can be quickly restored via image backup, while important business applications like SQL and Excel are protected using our patented technology.

Cloud Storage for CPAs

Add Cloud Storage

Where your critical data is stored is your decision. NovaBACKUP makes secure cloud storage available to be added conveniently at your own discretion.


You're Never Alone

Millions of businesses have secured critical data using NovaBACKUP technology and benefited from decades of our data-protection expertise. We stand by our products, and we stand beside you.

Don't take our word for it

Here is what professionals have been saying about NovaBACKUP:

"We've been using NovaBACKUP software, in-house and at our clients, for over 15 years and love it's set and forget technology. We can't count the number of times it’s saved our and our clients' bacon with total bare metal restores. Add the service received from the NovaBACKUP Sales and Support representatives and you've got an unbeatable combination. Thank you NovaBACKUP for a product that actually exceeds its claims."

Peter Banfield
Owner, BAMPH Consulting Services

“I am using NovaBACKUP Business Essentials on our server, and am very impressed.  I have used every backup software out there, and this is by far the best.”

Allan Haynie
IT Manager | Allied Equipment, Inc.

“NovaBACKUP's disaster recovery image backup was the only thing that was able to bring our clients crypto-locked admin server back to life. We tried the restore and boom, it's like it never even happened. This just proves why NovaBACKUP products are essential for disaster recovery and nightly backups. Amazing products and support staff. I give them the highest rating possible.”

Graham Cennon 
President |  DMS Services Inc.