Disaster Recovery as a Service for MSPs

Managed Service Providers can offer Disaster Recovery services using NovaBACKUP's DR functionality to protect their clients from data loss, allowing them to maintain business continuity after an IT incident.

Are You Ready to Offer Disaster Recovery Services to Your Clients?

As an MSP, offering Disaster Recovery services to your clients means proactively protecting your clients' data, by establishing the necessary safeguards, precautions, and layers of protection needed so that when disaster strikes, you are able to quickly help your clients recover with minimal disruption to their business.

Disaster recovery is the process of restoring business functionality, by regaining access to your client's data for them, while meeting their recovery objectives. 

A disaster recovery plan is a set of documented preemptive procedures designed to protect clients' critical workloads and help them safeguard their IT systems. 

Our Disaster Recovery Function

Our Disaster Recovery (DR) feature (included with all NovaBACKUP solutions) allows you to perform an image-level backup, which streamlines the restore processes by including all system data, enabling you to bring a mirror image of the former machine back into production after any disaster scenario.

Stand out among disaster recovery service providers by offering fast physical-to-virtual (P2V) restore with our built-in VHDx restore, which allows you to spin up an image backup in any Hyper-V application with incredible speed. This feature allows you to ensure mission-critical processes are supported while Disaster Recovery images are rebuilt to further support business continuity for your clients.

NovaBACKUP offers MSPs different options for providing disaster recovery as a service to their clients. Talk to an expert to determine the best options for your business.

Disaster Recovery with NovaBACKUP for MSPs

With NovaBACKUP's MSP partner program, you can add backup and disaster recovery services to your existing MSP service portfolio with ease. Plus, our MSP program gives you more than just a disaster recovery software. See the program benefits:

1. NovaBACKUP Includes Installation and Configuration 

NovaBACKUP offers no-cost installation and setup while you watch and learn to ensure proper setup. Our goal is to give you the tools and expertise needed to protect your clients data from day one so you are ready to offer disaster recovery services.

2. NovaBACKUP helps You Establish Disaster Recovery Best Practices 

Our technical support team specializes in backup and recovery and are experts in their field. They have experience working with MSPs and helping them to establish best practices for backups and disaster recovery.

3. NovaBACKUP's Support Team is Here to Help with Disaster Recovery

Our support team is here to help, even in disaster scenarios, when you need help bringing your clients' data back online so they can get back to business as quickly as possible.

4. NovaBACKUP Offers Complimentary Quarterly Health Checks

Our team also offers complimentary quarterly health checks to ensure that your recovery strategy is sufficient, expose any regulatory compliance issues or potential exposure to cyber threats, and more. 

Disaster Recovery Image Backups Save Valuable Time

In the event your clients face a catastrophic failure, every second counts. Rebuilding a system from scratch can take backup administrators hours, or even days, to manually restore systems. With NovaBACKUP’s Disaster Recovery image backups, administrators can restore a physical server to a virtual machine quickly and easily, empowering them to restore an entire system (including the operating system and applications) at once.


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Successful Positioning of a Managed Backup Service

Successful Positioning of a Managed Backup Service

Cloud computing is the fastest growing IT market with a projected annual growth rate of 44% by 2020. Yet, despite the prospect of success, many service providers run into difficulties properly positioning their cloud backup and disaster recovery service offerings. 

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Emergency Data Recovery Plan

Download Disaster Recovery Worksheet

To help you with establishing a disaster recovery plan, download this recovery plan worksheet.

This will help you:

  • Lay out priorities in an attack scenario
  • Define steps to bring client systems back online
  • Anticipate potential threat scenarios

Disaster Recovery Planning

Need Help with DR Planning?

As an MSP, you can help businesses struggling with Disaster Recovery Planning to prepare and protect them. 

This blog post provides insight on:

  • Assessing risks and business impact
  • Understanding recovery objectives
  • Creating a disaster recovery plan

Disaster Recovery FAQs

Our team of disaster recovery experts compiled a list of the top questions about offering disaster recovery services.

Ready to Add Disaster Recovery as a Service to your MSP Services Portfolio?

NovaBACKUP's Partner Program allows MSPs to earn reoccurring revenue by offering their clients cloud backup and disaster recovery services.

"NovaBACKUP's disaster recovery image backup was the only thing that was able to bring our clients’ crypto-locked admin server back to life. We tried the restore and boom, it's like it never even happened. This just proves why NovaBACKUP products are essential for disaster recovery and nightly backups. Amazing products and support staff. I give them the highest rating possible"

Graham Cennon President, DMS Services Inc.

“After creating a bootable USB using NovaBACKUP, Disaster Recovery restore worked smoothly. My primary drive with data and operating system is now restored. Thanks for the great help and support. NovaBACKUP is money well spent.”

Asif B. Home User

“NovaBACKUP is the first program that has worked for me as advertised. I have already successfully restored my system using a Disaster Recovery image backup. Thank you very much for your great backup software. It is the best!”

Eric MacDonald Home User