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NovaBACKUP Cloud Storage

Protect your critical data with cloud backup.


Our cloud storage offers you a secure offsite backup destination to strengthen your existing backup strategy

Disaster Recovery

NovaBACKUP PC and Server subscription licenses now include the ability to store backups in the cloud, helping you build a more secure disaster recovery plan.


Backing up and restoring your critical data with NovaBACKUP is easy and convenient. You can now back up all your files, applications (Exchange and Microsoft SQL) and virtual machines to the cloud through a single interface.

Data Redundancy

Enjoy the assurance of data redundancy, and improved defense against data loss threats - supported by our backup experts in the USA. An all-in-one affordable package: powerful backup and secure cloud storage.

Protection Against Threats

Rest assured that your data will be secured against accidental file deletion, hardware crashes, computer theft, natural disasters and ransomware. With cyberattacks on the rise, businesses never want to face to possibility of having to pay a ransom to access data. Securing cloud backup using NovaBACKUP’s cloud backup service is your best defense.

NovaBACKUP Cloud Storage Plans

Select your NovaBACKUP license and add your chosen cloud storage plan below.
Start incorporating secure online storage into your daily backup routine!


Starting at
per year
(w/ 5GB Cloud Storage)
  • Full protection against disaster, ransomware and hardware failure.
  • Access to local US based backup experts.
  • Super-fast, secure and easy to use.


Starting at
per year
(w/ 100 GB of Cloud Storage)
  • Optional support for virtual machines, SQL and Exchange.
  • Free installation and setup assistance.
  • 100% HIPAA compliant.


Starting at
per month
(w/ Cloud Storage)
  • Complete MSP solution for Windows systems.
  • Backup to multiple cloud and local destinations.
  • Centrally monitored.
  • Pay-per-use monthly.

Why NovaBACKUP Cloud Storage?

  • Add cloud storage to your license at the click of a button
  • Flexibly select your destination, local backup or online backups
  • Part of your HIPAA Compliant Backup Strategy
  • Hosted and supported in the USA
  • Software and cloud storage at one low price
  • Supports the 3-2-1 Backup Rule

Benefits of NovaBACKUP Cloud Storage

Add new cloud storage at the click of a button

Adding cloud storage destinations to your NovaBACKUP software couldn’t be easier. Select your storage plan right from your interface.

Flexibly select your destination, local or online

Secure your data where you choose, according to your unique storage needs and the priority of your backup data set.

Save Resources and Storage Space

Flexibly allocate resources where you need them most, saving local storage space as you move less important data to the cloud.

Supports the 3-2-1 Backup Rule

Experience a new level recoverability by following best practice recommendations to maintain a secure offsite backup.

Part of your HIPAA Compliant Backup Strategy

Store backups in the cloud while adhering to the latest industry-specific legal requirements for securing data.

Hosted and supported in the USA

Fast, direct support for both backup and cloud storage from a single team focused exclusively on your data security.

Software and cloud storage at one low price

Your subscription includes both award-winning backup software and cloud storage for one simple, easy to manage payment.

Getting Started: Connecting to Your NovaBACKUP Cloud Storage

If you already have NovaBACKUP software, connecting your software to your NovaBACKUP Cloud Storage account just takes a few simple steps.