NovaBACKUP Manuals and Guides

Here are some downloadable resources to expand your knowledge of NovaBACKUP.


NovaBACKUP - Guides & Manuals

NovaBACKUP User Manual

Contains all essential information for you to make the most of your software.

NovaBACKUP Quick Start Guide

Shortened version of the User Manual allows you to quickly get familiar with NovaBACKUP's main features. 

NovaBACKUP Installation Guide

Get up and running quickly with this basic installation guide.

NovaBACKUP CMon User Manual

Learn how to monitor your all your backup jobs from a single pane of glass. CMon is accessible via web browser and can be viewed via Internet Explorer 9+, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, as well as most smart phone web browsers.

NovaBACKUP Virtual Dashboard Manual 

A guide to perform VMWare and Hyper-V backups, restores and replication. 

Datasheets & Release Notes

NovaBACKUP 19.8 Release Notes

Check out new features and improvements of the latest NovaBACKUP version.

NovaBACKUP Product Portfolio

Here is a description of products offered by NovaBACKUP.

NovaBACKUP System Requirements

See the requirements for using NovaBACKUP products.

NovaBACKUP Datasheet

Here you can find what is new in the latest version, feature highlights and NovaBACKUP product comparison.

NovaCare Support

NovaCare means Support and Upgrades for your NovaBACKUP Products. Learn more about this service.