Data Protection

End-to-End Data Protection

Given how crucial data is for a business, protecting it should be easy. Let us show you how NovaBACKUP makes securing your data a snap.

Simplify Your Backup Strategy

Exponential data growth, a remote workforce, more complex technology, and rising cyber threats have challenged IT professionals when it comes to keeping a business running and data available. 

Let’s make at least one thing easy for you: The backup and restore of entire systems and individual files and applications. 

Provide Data Protection-as-a-Service

NovaBACKUP is a flexible and reliable solution that empowers you to manage and monitor all your customers’ backup jobs – no matter where the data is located. Provide the best backup and restore service for Windows systems, VMs, and more whether it's a local storage device or to the cloud. All wrapped into a straightforward licensing model that makes your life a breeze.

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Monitor and manage backups from anywhere

NovaBACKUP enables you to view, create, and manage all the endpoint backup jobs for all employees and office locations from a single screen while data is sent to local storage or the cloud. Secure critical business data, Windows systems, Virtual Machines, Business Applications, and more - using the storage devices and technology that best fits your compliance requirements.

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Fast, reliable backup for Windows systems

NovaBACKUP takes away the complexity of backing up and restoring data. Create reliable backup jobs for your files and even entire systems to restore them quickly and get back to business in minutes not days. Less complexity and more peace of mind.

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Lightning-fast backup and restore for improved RPO & RTO 


Remote-friendly with complete control over backup jobs for systems across the globe 


Only what you need – effortless data protection that simply works 

Core Components of NovaBACKUP

The goal of every data protection strategy is to reduce the load on the network and system resources when backing up, so that data can be saved more often and restore times can be shortened. Users benefit as systems are returned to operation quickly without affecting productivity.

NovaBACKUP is built for speed and reliability and protects all your workstations, servers, hypervisors, and databases right out of the box. The platform utilizes smart mechanisms that work through data at maximum efficiency resulting in impressive backup and restore times and minimal downtime during a data loss incident.


NovaBACKUP Central Management

The intuitive, web-based dashboard lets you view, create, and manage backup jobs for all clients, no matter where you are. Get meaningful insights about their status. In addition to notifications and alerts, you'll always have your finger on the pulse of your backups. Changes can be made easily – for an entire group or individual backup jobs.

NovaBACKUP Data Mover Engine

The Data Mover Engine is the core of NovaBACKUP. It leverages the latest streaming technologies and compression algorithms to speed up the backup of files and systems to their backup storage destination, leading to a backup strategy that allows for near-zero continuous data protection.

NovaBACKUP Cloud

NovaBACKUP Cloud offers an end-to-end encrypted offsite backup destination to strengthen your existing backup strategy. The optional addition of cloud backup storage is managed through the same interface as your local backups, so it makes protecting all your data and systems much easier.

NovaBACKUP BDR Appliance

The NAS appliance (manufactured by Buffalo) helps protect data and hard drives to reduce data loss. It comes in 8TB, 16TB, and 32 TB, is pre-set for RAID, and has the flexibility and scalability to create an invaluable storage hub for your and your clients’ growing data.

Reliable and Secure Backup and Recovery

NovaBACKUP supports IT professionals with a solution that is focused on the most important task when it comes to data protection: simply and reliably backing up any date from anywhere to any location in the fastest way possible while securing it end-to-end with military-grade encryption – in transit and at rest.  


Run backups for all your files or create unique jobs to a local storage device or to the cloud on a schedule of your choice.

Disaster Recovery Images

Simplify your Disaster Recovery plan and quickly bring up a virtual copy of your machine to reduce the amount of time needed to get your organization back up and running in the case of data loss. 

Windows PCs

Protect workstations and PCs, no matter if they are stationed in an office or traveling the world with a remote employee.

Windows Servers

Protect Windows Server 2012 and newer operating systems across your entire network.

Hyper-V and VMware VMs

Backup virtual machines for your Hyper-V or VMware environments to restore individual files or entire virtual machines, hosts, or clusters easily.


Support for Microsoft SQL and Exchange databases as well as SaaS applications like Microsoft 365.

Local and Cloud Storage Options

Your choice of backup storage – from disk to NAS, to NovaBACKUP’s BDR appliance for local backup, and the NovaBACKUP Cloud or any other cloud storage for offsite backup.


Advantages of NovaBACKUP

Developed in the USA and Germany

NovaBACKUP is developed in the US and in Germany. Our developers keep your data safe thanks to the thousands of lines of code they handle.

Supported by Backup Experts

Our team of US-and Germany-based backup experts are looking forward to sharing their experience of launching various successful backup services for managed service providers and professional offices with you.

Local Support, Never Outsourced

Decades of in-house data protection expertise is available at your fingertips and that throughout your entire relationship with us.

Partner & MSP-Friendly

We understand your business and your challenges. Let's work with you to make data backup and recovery something to get excited about.