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NovaBACKUP Customer Experience Program (NCEP)

In order to best serve our customers, and to enable our products to meet our customers ongoing and growing needs, we regularly engage in various kinds of methods to gather client feedback, including our receipt and direct response to support and problem requests, as well as various other comments and queries. We encourage our customers to participate in order to get the most out of our products and our customers’ experience with them. However, given the large scope of our customer base, it is impossible to reach out to all of our customers directly.

What is NCEP?

Our NovaBACKUP Customer Experience Program (NCEP) is a new way to allow all of our customers to contribute to the features, design and development of the NovaBACKUP product line. This program enables our customers to provide us with various pieces of information, including information about the hardware configuration of your host computer and/or virtual machines, the features you use most (and least), and the nature of the problems you face. Based on this information, we will be able to improve the NovaBACKUP products and the features you use most often.

If you choose to participate, we will be automatically collecting information about your hardware configuration and the way you use the NovaBACKUP products. We will not collect any personal data, like your name, address, phone number, or keyboard input. Participation in the NCEP is voluntary, however, but the end results intended to provide software improvements and enhanced functionality to better meet the needs of our customers.

How does the NCEP work?

If you choose to participate, by enrolling in the NCEP, NovaStor will automatically begin collecting information about how you use the NovaBACKUP product. Data collected from you and other participants is combined and made utilized in an anonymous manner, and is thoroughly reviewed and analyzed to help us improve NovaBACKUP products. However, you cannot review any information before it is sent. We recognize that some customers might be uncomfortable allowing the information collected by the NCEP to be sent without having an opportunity to review it fully even though the information does not contain contact information and is governed by our Customer Experience Program Privacy Statement. If you are uncomfortable with sharing this information, please choose not to participate.

What does the NCEP collect?

Our group has what it takes to build successful companies that are able to capitalize on growth markets and create wealth for all stakeholders. We have management systems in place that keep us on top of the big picture — as well as the small details of running a customer-centric business in today’s world.

The NCEP collects only the following information:

  • Hardware configuration of your host computer
  • Software configuration of your host computer (the names and versions of the operating systems and software installed in them)
  • Information relating to specific features within the application


How often does NCEP send data?

The NCEP sends collected information to NovaBACKUP periodically.

If I choose to participate, can I opt out later?

Yes. You can leave the program any time by accessing the "Notifications" tab within the "Default Settings" of the application. Pre-release products/services that are under development and which are available for beta use will require participation in the NCEP in order to use the beta version. In order to leave the program when using a beta product or service, you will have to cease use of the product or service altogether.

Will I be contacted or receive spam if I participate?

No. Your contact information is not collected by the NCEP, which means you will not be contacted because of your participation in the program. The NCEP will not ask you to participate in surveys or to read junk e-mail, and you will not be contacted in any other way.

How does NovaBACKUP protect my privacy if I choose to participate?

The NCEP does not collect any private information or information that can be used to contact you. More details on how NovaBACKUP protects your privacy are provided in the Customer Experience Program Privacy Policy.